building the ultimate pokedex part 5 : x to the y to the z

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Pokemon X is in my hands and the release of pokemon bank has finally come.

I can reveal now that my first goal

Move A single Named starter Pokemon from the GBA series of games through to the latest title's X or Y

Quentin was my starting Pokemon when I set out on this journey and he's seen me through some rough long nights.

Yet I feel I've not given him as much time as he should have gotten as he's under developed and still at a reasonably low level.

Hello Quentin my old friend....

So Quentin managed to make his way over, what about the rest you wonder?

Well over time I've had my hands on a number of Pokemon games and as all of these we're second hand, as well as having the chance to test "cheat devices" like the action replay brand of code hacking plug in cartridges, I've also hand the chance to save other peoples past Pokemon and move them through the games.

Shiny Pokemon, rares and obviously hacked Pokemon all appeared at some point or another. Up until the Black and white games the only real hurdles I had to deal with were the restrictions in place with individual Pokemon.

For the Gameboy advance games to DS titles I had to remove all held items, delete any HM moves and only have Pokemon caught in the pal games.

None we're prevented from moving over.

From there it was a case of moving from the 4th generation DS titles to Black and White (I own Black so that was my choice for this task, although I could have used the copy of white 2 I had also)

The rules we're the same for transferring over Pokemon, even though the means different. So once again all caught Pokemon, including any unlocked with Action Replay device and any from other peoples save also made it over. Well I say any, apparently several Pokemon seemed to just vanish between DS gen 4 and Gen 5.

With the release of Pokemon X & Y, Pokemon Bank and its free sister app Pokemon Transporter, I started to see some inconsistent issues.

The bulk of Pokemon made it across to my Pokemon bank account. Transporter insists you have all the Pokemon you want to move in box on in your starting games PC, meaning at most moving 30 at once.

It will remove any held items, and will also instantly take out any Pokemon that are hacked.

This means that my Shaymin & Darkrai; caught after using an action replay to add the items to unlock their encounters into the games; we're blocked. Despite the Pokemon itself not having been added with the device.

Makes sense you might think, yet one of the other Pokemon I added to the game, also an event Pokemon, Manaphy, was fine.

Stranger still, some of the more questionable Pokemon from other peoples past saves also made it through fine, Including a Deoxys.

I tested this even further by actually deliberately catching some hacked Pokemon with an action replay. Setting the catch rate to 100% and the Pokemon to always shiny, once again this shiny Pokemon got past the transfer to bank process where other Pokemon didn't.

The word from other people using the service is that it's been totally inconsistent. Apparently blocking some legendary Pokemon for no understandable reason at all and other fake Pokemon getting through with no issues.

The result of this has seen real issues with users being able to obtain any of the following, Myself included.


These Pokemon continue to be the most requested on the global trade; to the point of de-stabilizing the whole trade system. Search for even the most mundane of Pokemon for your collection and you'll find requests for almost exclusively legendary Pokemon in return. Nothing is trading and nothing else seems wanted.

Despite this I have been able to locate some of the legendary Pokemon I was missing and I have now started, In my Pokemon bank account, started to create a living pokedex.

I would like to put a call out to you all here on GameSpot, If you have any of the Pokemon listed, feel free to hit me up as I may have a trade or two for you.

Until next time.

Pokemon caught so far In X&Y : 321 (seen?) 422 - in bank

Pokemon waiting to move over : 30 +

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Of the listed pokemon I have:




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I think it blocks the event only ones unless it has the right wonder card or something. Someone did mention a while back that the pokemon bank checks certain aspects to stop any obvious fakes. I.e. Shaymin would have to be caught at level 30 in flower paradise or have the correct original trainer name if it was a distributed event otherwise its filtered out.

Of the pokemon listed I have a Mew i can trade.

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I've been doing the living Pokedex, since 3rd gen. I've had no problems moving any of my Pokemon through the games, and had them all move without a problem from White 2 to X. I'm at the point now where I need just two more Pokemon, Meloetta and Arceus (three if you count Diancie, but I don't as a way to obtain her has not yet been announced).

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@Tokeism: If you are up for a trade let me know what you are looking for here and I'll send you my friend code.

@Mugzippit: Same for you..