Bravely Default: Chapter five and on

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I am on Chapter six and I'm already sick of re awakening the crystals. There is no way in HELL I am rebattling all of the bosses, either; I like the story aspect of the parallel worlds, but holy hell, having to re fight more powerful versions of the bosses is just annoying as hell. I was fifty hours into the game when I finally got to chapter five; that's more than enough to lead to the conclusion. but apparently I have at least two more chapters with this, and that bothers me. Great game overall, but holy dick, why did the developers put this in?

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I honestly would advise against skipping the sidequests in Chapter 7 & 8. The bosses in Chapter 7 have some of the best equipment to steal, the battles are also changed up a bit. Instead of fighting one asterisk bearer at a time, you'll be fighting three at a time and in Chapter 8, you'll be fighting four at a time. They also start using new moves in Chapter 7 & 8, which makes them much more challenging. Since you fight a bunch of them at the same time, that actually reduces the number of sidequests anyway.

There is also one quest in Chapter 6 you may not want to skip. It won't be available right away, but it will eventually pop up. You'll want to ensure you complete this quest for the final job. This is a job you'll definitely want if you want to max out all your classes.

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Yeah I've heard about the advice. Thanks for the tips. I'm just feeling a bit annoyed that they made the choice to recycle so much.

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I warned you about this. Lol was I not right? So right now I would tune the difficulty to easy and plow through to the endgame.

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I'm in the mix of Chapter 7 now, and it's getting harder to understand the "design" of the last half of the game.

I'm all for some quasi-world happenstance, yet a large amount of the dialogue stays the is interesting now-though, when the "bad" guys are appearing more well as teaming up.

My initial reaction was similar Ch. 5/6, ...then I dropped the difficulty & turned off most random encounters...and started leveling up random-jobs off the boss-battles. nearing 78-hours @ Lvl 72's short, this is the replay that might have happened later next year.

Using poison+exterminate seems to be a major ticket however... I just hope chapter 8 is different...however, the change of "the sub-title" is a nice abstract prolongs the guessing about what is the end-game...