Blue ring of death? Possessed Wii?

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#1 Posted by das_beck (1204 posts) -
At some point after shutting down my Wii last night, the blue ring around the disc-slit started pulsating. It was going all night but my Wii seems fine. Anyone else have this happen? Does it mean anything?
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youre kidding right?

Read the manual.
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it means you have a wii-mail
#4 Posted by Jaysonguy (37951 posts) -
youre kidding right?

Read the manual._vacant_

I agree
Unless you got it off the back of a truck it came with a manual
Read it
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yeah read my just posted topic, you got the new channel
#6 Posted by Haziqonfire (36344 posts) -
you probably got a message.. infact, that stupid light woke me up. it was like 2:00am and nintendo sent a message about the new channel, ... but i already downloaded it before!
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People still read manuals? I thought that's what message boards are for? ;) Thanks, I'll go read the manual to see if I can turn this "feature" off, if I haven't already thrown it out...
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jaja j00htehnub
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NO!!!!! RUN!!! GET TO THA CHOPPA!!!!!krystians

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why do people dostupid stuff like this, read the manual dude, it sayes everything in there, 
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omg you're wii has a light pulsating ghost i suggest moving houses!!! seriously...whats with all these stupid topics...just give it a title like @wii problem@ or something normal....not @zomg is mii wii possessed!!!!@ shall i kill it?????? so annoying....
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[QUOTE="krystians"]NO!!!!! RUN!!! GET TO THA CHOPPA!!!!!mrvanx


actually is the alien vs. predator. only in REAL LIFE RUN EVERY ONE BEFORE THEY FIND YOU!!!!!! oh no theyre here! as my last words on earth i want to type this to you all: the meaning of life is-*gaackk* *dies*
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see sticky