best Wii position ???

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#1 Posted by leevshan (1066 posts) -

Which is the better Wii position? Which is best for the Wii ?

Is it upright, orlying down just like ordinary DVD player?

#2 Posted by starmetroid (5000 posts) -
upright unless you use GC controllers
#3 Posted by thebisonx (2203 posts) -
I like to stand mine up. I think it looks pretty dandy that way.
#4 Posted by chefstubbies (2583 posts) -
I like it standing up. So does the Wii...
#5 Posted by leevshan (1066 posts) -

I like it standing up. So does the Wii...chefstubbies

hahah....good Wii.

#6 Posted by bob_newman (8129 posts) -

I like my Wii to stand up. It feels impotent if it's lying down. Most guys would agree.

Are we still talking about videogames?

#7 Posted by KungfuKitten (20994 posts) -
I usually sit down on bed with a big pillow between my legs, and sometimes lay on my tummy when it gets intense.
#8 Posted by RK-Mara (11488 posts) -

It looks better standing up. And then people who have never seen a Wii before will just wonder what it is. It looks like a small dvd player, but it's standing up.

Yes, there's loads of people who haven't seen a Wii yet. It's selling so well that there isn't any reasons to advertise it.