best tactical games ?

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hey can some tell are there other games like advance wars to the ds or gba who is a tactical game u can play and play without getting stuck like the most of the mission games (i hate it) take a example like star-wars battlefront 2 where u can play on battlefielD's even u don't have have complete the game or not complete it  ? or fighting games

 hope u can understand me

tell me if u know game like the description for : gba, ds, ps2 

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For PS2 Disgaea series is a good tactical game, and I would recommend Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre for the GBA (I haven't played Tactics Ogre but heard from many people that it was a good tactical game -- might have been for the PS2 though, I can't remember).
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Fire Emblem

final fantasy tactics 

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will they make fire emblem fo DS

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Tactics Ogre for the Gameboy Advance is an awesome title, superior to FFTA imo.  Unfortunately, my cartridge's save memory got bugged, and I'm unable to save my game anymore.  It's also fairly hard to track down in the stores, you might have to resort to purchasing it online.
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Age of Empires: Age of Kings (DS)

Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis(GBA) 

Fire Emblem, Fire emblem: The Sacred Stones(GBA)

Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon(GBA)

Rebestar Tactical Command(GBA)