Best Mario Game of All Time Poll

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Best Mario Game of All Time Poll

I had a great idea for a poll voted by the players. I will periodically come back and check up on this and I think it would be fun. After six months or perhaps a year (depending on progress) I will add up the scores and post the results.

Here's how it works:

Take some time and list your top favorite Mario games in order of personal preference. These include only Mario themed games. Platform games, such as Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario World and Mario 64. Mario themed role playing games, such as Paper Mario and Superstar Saga. The list can also include the Mario Kart games, Smash Bros., and Mario themed sports games. All other games when Mario just happens to make an appearance etc. do not qualify as an entry. Such as Donkey Kong and Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Luigi's Mansion games are also accepted. After all it is his good ol' bro.

This is how the points are added up:

Pretty simple. Only the top ten games count as points. You can list more than ten, but after the tenth spot down they do not count for points. Your number one game counts as 10 points, 2nd game counts for 9, 3rd counts as 8. Get the drift? Thought so. So even if it get's to the 10th spot, it still gets 1 point.

The "Magic Egg" Award:

Finally, I got an idea of an award that goes out to the game that has been wanted to play by the people, but never got the chance to play. So, after you make your list, please ad the one special Mario game you always wanted to play, but never had the chance to.. And, if you played them all (Lucky you!!!) , just leave it blank. The game that is added up the most for that will receive the Magic Egg Award.

Here is my list, but I won't count it for the final score. That is up to you! Thanks for reading and have fun with your list!!!!

Please Read: No Bashing over others lists. Remember one's opinion is really just as important as another. Have fun!

1. Super Mario World

2. Super Mario Galaxy

3. Super Mario 3d World

4. Super Mario Galaxy 2

5. Bowser's Inside Story

6. Super Mario 64

7. New Super Mario Bros.

8. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

9. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

10. Super Mario Bros.

11. Super Mario Kart

12. Super Mario Bros. 3

13. Super Mario Bros. 2

14. Yoshi's Island

15. Superstar Saga

16. Mario Kart DS

17. Mario Kart 64

Magic Egg: Super Paper Mario

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Super Mario Bros. 3 was by far the most fun iv'e had with a Mario game

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10. Mario Kart Wii

9. Super Mario World

8. New Super Mario bros Wii

7. Bowser's Inside Story

6. Mario Party 6

5. Partners in Time

4. Yoshis Island

3. Super Mario Sunshine

2. Superstar Saga

1. Mario Kart Double Dash

Magic Egg: Dream Team

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1) Super Mario Galaxy

2) Super Mario World

3) Super Mario Galaxy 2

4) Super Mario Bros 3

5) Super Mario RPG

6) Super Mario Kart

7) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

8) Super Mario 64

9) Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

10) New Super Mario Bros. U

11) Super Mario Bros.

12) Mario Bros. (arcade)

13) Mario Kart DS

14) Super Mario 3D Land

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single player- mario 64

multiplayer- mario kart 64

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1- Super Mario Galaxy 2

2- Super Mario Galaxy

3- Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

4- Super Mario World

5- Super Mario Bros. 3

6- Paper Mario

7- Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

8- Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

9- New Super Mario Bros U

10- Super Mario 64

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1. Yoshi's island

2. Mario Galaxy 2

3. Mario 64

4. Mario Kart 64

5. Mario Tennis 64

6. Super Mario Bros

7. Super Mario RPG (SNES)

Havent played mario 3d world yet..

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Smash Bros definitely shouldn't count.

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1)Super Paper Mario Wii

2)Super Mario 3D World

3)Super Mario World

4)Paper Mario Thousand Year Door

5)Super Mario 2

6)Super Mario 3

7)Super Mario

8)Super Mario Sunshine

9)Super Mario Bros. U

10)Super Mario 64

11)Super Mario RPG

No Magic Egg BUT waiting for Paper Mario U

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super mario 1, 2, 3 world, world 2 was also freakin awesome, ..hell they're all good..sunshine is probably my least favorite

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1. Super Mario World

2. Super Mario 64

3. Mario Kart 64

4. Super Mario Kart

5. Super Mario Bros

6. Super Mario RPG

7. Super Mario Bros 3

8. Mario & Luigi: Inside Bowser's Story

9. Super Mario Galaxy

10. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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I've never really sat down and thought about it. I would usually say SMB3, but I've never beaten it (gotten extremely close though) and now that I do think about it there are other games in the Mario IP I enjoyed more. I'd say my favorite recent one is Galaxy 2. The best M and L game is Bowser's Inside story, the best Paper Mario game is Thousand Year door.

For now I'm just going to say TTYD, simply because everything in that game comes together so nicely to create an incredible game.

Here's a rough list


2. Galaxy 2

3. Galaxy

4. SMB3

5. Super Mario World

6. Bowser's Inside Story

7. Sunshine

8. 64

9. Superstar Saga

10. NSMB (DS)

Again this a tentative list; there are so many Mario games that it's hard to choose just ten.

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1) Super Mario 3D World

2) Yoshi's Island

3) Super Mario Galaxy 2

4) Super Mario World

5) New Super Mario Bros. U

6) New Super Mario Bros. Wii

7) Super Smash Bros. Melee

8) Super Smash Bros

9) Super Mario Galaxy

10) Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

Special Egg: Super Mario Bro. 3 (yeah, I know)

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  1. Super Mario World
  2. Mario 64
  3. Thousand Year Door
  4. Mario Galaxy
  5. Super Mario 3D Land
  6. Paper Mario
  7. Luigi's Mansion
  8. Mario Kart DS
  9. SMB3
  10. NSMB Wii

Magic Egg: Galaxy 2

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Not gonna rank em, but I will say ,my fav all time mario game is Super Mario 64, 2nd fav is Super Mario Bros 3.

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There are way too many good ones. It's impossible for me to do such a list.. Mine would just have like 10 games sharing the first place.

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@Litchie: That works too. You can just give it your best shot if you really want to rank them though.

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@4myAmuzumament:Yes, I thought about that, but since Smash Bro's is such a fan favorite, I couldn't resist including it. Plus I included Super Mario Kart, which is a racing game. And didn't want to exclude just because Smash is a fighting game. Anyways, keep the votes coming!

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@ekolite: Mario Kart is solely about Mario characters though so it's okay, Smash Bros has nothing to do with Mario aside from him being a character in the game.

this question is almost impossible to answer, but I'm gonna think for ten seconds..........

and my choice is Super Mario World.

that was tough. now I'm perusing my brain for games I didn't think about... like Super Star Saga. Argh.

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1. Super Mario Galaxy 2

2. Super Mario 64

3. Super Mario Galaxy

4. Super Mario World

5. Super Mario Bros (1)

6. New Super Mario Bros

7. Super Mario Sunshine

8. Super Mario Bros. 3

9 . Yoshi's Island (SNES)

10. Super Mario Bros 2

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Only counted the core games...

10) Super Mario 3D Land

09) New Super Mario Bros. Wii

08) Super Mario 64

07) Super Mario Bros.

06) Super Mario 3D World

05) Super Mario Galaxy

04) Super Mario World

03) Yoshi's Island

02) Super Mario Bros. 3

01) Super Mario Galaxy 2

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I have the fondest memories playing Super Mario Sunshine... Love that game!

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1.) Super Mario Galaxy 2

2.) Luigi's Mansion 2

3.) Super Mario bros 3

4.) Super Mario 64

5.) Super Mario 3D World

6.) Super Mario World

7.) PM Thousand Year Door

8.) Mario Kart Wii

9.) Super Mario Sunshine

10.) Bowser's Inside Story

Golden Egg.) Super Mario RPG

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After recently playing through Super Mario Bros. 3, I realize I should have placed it higher on my list. It has so many ideas that influenced all future Mario games.

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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is magic egg for me

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1) Super Mario World

2) Super Mario Bros. 3

3) Yoshi's Island

4) Super Mario Bros.

5) Super Mario Bros. 2

6) Super Mario Galaxy 2

7) Super Mario Galaxy

8) Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

9) Super Mario 64

10) New Super Mario Bros. U

Magic Egg: Super Mario 3D World