Best Headsets for Wii U?

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I have a very high quality headset that I use with my PS3 and it brings out the best in the sound from my games. It allows me to fully appreciate the sound design.

My question is concerning this type of an accessory for Wii U. Does anybody have good recommendations in this regard?

Here's what the sony one looks like to get an idea what I'm talking about. It channels all the sound from the game straight to my ears in high quality with excellent bass.

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I use the RocketFish Headset.

Its comfortable, and the quality is pretty good. It has a inline mic for talking, and the price the are selling for is super low and worth it.

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these turtle beach headset are on clearance at best buy

they are normally 50$

theres a lot of negative turtle beach wiiu reviews but those are for the lower end models...the NLa's

those at best buy are the higher end N11's