Best castlevania game on DS

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#1 Posted by clrockny24 (74 posts) -
I'm looking to try out the castlevania games for DS. I'm wondering which one I should get. I hear there are 3, Dawn of sorrow, Portrait of ruin and Order of ecclesia. Portrait of ruin looks like the one I would be most interested in.
#2 Posted by -Oath (8014 posts) -
Dawn of Sorrow is the best, but get all of them.
#3 Posted by Master-Thief-09 (2534 posts) -
Yeah, I bought Portrait of Ruin too (my 1st Castlevania game for DS) But I think more people like Order of Ecclesia.
#4 Posted by NickF80 (5 posts) -
Order of Ecclecia (OOE) is (generally) considered the most polished with the more original combat system when compared to the other two DS titles. OOE is also the most difficult out of the three DS titles until you learn the game's tricks. Portrait of Ruin is another good choice having the more varied locales (in my opinion). If you're new to Castlevania they're all similar (and fun) enough to be worth you time and money.
#5 Posted by child_of_lileth (4066 posts) -
ive been a huge fan of the cv series my whole life, and honestly, OoE is probly the best one on the ds. the story is really predictable if youve played the other ds games, but it brings back the daul weapon system. plus it has a ton of extras and unlockables that will add a lot of replay value. PoR is fun, but DoS sucks compared to the game its a sequil to. but out of the 3 on the ds id deffinatly recommend OoE
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Order of Ecclesia's visuals, soundtrack and Glyph system make it the best of the bunch, in my opinion. Plus, it has a better story and a visceral art style, unlike the generic anime art of the other two games.

Dawn of Sorrow's level design is probably the strongest of the 3, but its weak story and battle system aren't as strong as in Order of Ecclesia. Still a great adventure, though.

Portrait of Ruin's the runt of the group. Worst visuals, worst soundtrack, and nothing to distinguish itself from the others besides a barely used partner system. Good for a DS game, bad for a Castlevania.

#7 Posted by SSBFan12 (11981 posts) -
I say Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.
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Dawn of Sorrow is your winner choice... i recommend you to leave the best for choice for the end (play order of ecclesia later, cause you probably will be dissapointed with Dawn of Sorrow or Portrait Of Ruin)
#9 Posted by MrDziekuje (7730 posts) -
Are the DS games like SotN? Because if they are I shall gobble them up.
#10 Posted by Flame_Blade88 (39348 posts) -
Dawn of Sorrow > Order of Ecclesia > Portrait of Ruin in my opinion.
#11 Posted by Butchcassidy79 (265 posts) -
Get Dawn of Sorrow, it's the best one of the three, Portrait of Ruin is also good but not like the first one, I'm currently playing Order of Ecclesia and I have to say I didn't like it that much, doesn't feel like a Castlevania game :?
#12 Posted by Tubenz (184 posts) -
Dawn of sorrow
#13 Posted by world-ender-49 (9302 posts) -
either PoR or OoE, DoS is so over rated.
#14 Posted by TalesofRaGnArOk (3189 posts) -

Having all 3, I can say not to get OoE, definitely not for newcomers (and the glyph system gets boring fast, story is terrible)

i'd say go for PoR (my personal pick) or DoS (not as good as AoS)

I just liked PoR better because I missed the whip, DoS has swords, but no whip

#15 Posted by Pierst179 (10680 posts) -
Dawn of Sorrow is my favorite!
#16 Posted by crookedshoes (138 posts) -

Dawn of Sorrow > Order of Ecclesia > Portrait of Ruin in my opinion.Flame_Blade88


#17 Posted by AshTray0 (534 posts) -
Order of Ecclesia is easily the best one.
#18 Posted by thomassmash (2039 posts) -

PoR is my choice

partner sistem,magic caster plus summoner too, arms master and wip wielder,combined attacks,sisters mode, axe mode and richter modwas my first ds game and still want to play it

#19 Posted by wizzardjeff (6697 posts) -
OoE for me, with DoS second.
#20 Posted by joshownzx (6 posts) -
DoS is obviously the best. PoR the last was pretty boring
#21 Posted by dr_doongy (625 posts) -
dawn of sorrow.
#22 Posted by sonnie460 (1 posts) -
overrated my balls. DOS is the best of them all! do us a favor and crawl back under the rock you've been living in...