Best Buy deal - buy one 3DS game, get one free

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"The promotion, which is set to run for the week of 7/20-7/26, has been leaked early on the forums. Games included in the deal are Pokemon X & Y, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Yoshi's New Island, Tomodachi Life, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Bravely Default, Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario Party: Island Tour and Disney Magical World."

Pretty solid. What games do you guys think you will pick up? I'm trying to decide between Pokemon, Kirby, and Bravely Default.

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I'm refraining from the deal since I have most of those games, but if I had money to blow I'd get Tomodachi Life and Yoshi. I have most of the rest. It's a good deal regardless though.

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Really good deal but I pretty much have all the games from that selection that I'd want.

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The deal looks quite nice; I just wish you had the option of buying M & L: Dream Team as one of the BOGO titles as that is one 1st party title that I plan on picking up eventually (and I already have a 3DS so getting the bundle is not of interest to me). I hope it extends to Bestbuy Canada.

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that is awesome a good deal indeed!

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@yokofox33: I was hoping Mario Kart 7 and Ocarina were offered, but nope

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This will be a great bargain with my employee discount!!! I don't even have a 3DS and I think I am going to participate in this deal.

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With GCU this is basically two 3DS games for $32, an absolute steal. I'm probably going with Kirby and Yoshi but after playing the Tomodachi Life demo, I really want to go with that. I don't have time for Bravely Default nowadays though I'm tempted. I wish Mario and Luigi was on sale too.

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How is Yoshi's new island? Live up to the original?

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Good deal! But I only want Zelda. So it doesn't work for me sadly..

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i would def get mario party and either yoshi's island or zelda.

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Thinking about Kirby and Mario Golf...

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i will go after this deal right away on Sunday.

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I might get in on this even though I don't own a 3DS yet.

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Wish I had of known sooner as I just bought Yoshi's New Island & Mario Golf: World Tour, but I did get them both for a good deal brand new so can't complain. Only game on there I'm interested in that I don't own is Kirby. Debating if I should pick up Kirby and get Disney Magical World simply due to the deal. Hmmm..

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I'm getting Kirby and Mario Golf for sure.

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does kirby have mini games and online multiplayer? which of these games have mini extra games and online multiplayer?

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I picked up Yoshi and Mario Party. I'm not disappointed :)

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Its a great deal, I also found Where people are buying and selling and giving deals on games etc. I hope this info will help.

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Its a great deal, I also found Where people are buying and selling and giving deals on games etc. I hope this info will help.

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Going after work today to pick up Legend of Zelda and Bravely Default, two games I have been dying to get my hands on but been waiting for the right time

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Definitely looking into this! Might get Pokemon Y and Yoshi's New Island.