Bayonetta 2 coming in summer (japan)

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#1 Posted by KBFloYd (14428 posts) -

will north america/europe also get it in summer?

#2 Posted by pc-ps360 (3460 posts) -

@KBFloYd: plz let it be summer. Right now I'm happy with nintendo they gave me free 65$, and this second my hype is back for donkey kong after finding that it will cost 49$. But this will make my day, I really don't want to wait all year for bayonetta. I need this marvelous game

#3 Posted by superbuuman (3068 posts) -

summer in Japan starts fromm June - Sept? I hope it will be a worldwide release...would hate it if I have to wait till summer - Australia -> December.

#4 Posted by Chozofication (3292 posts) -

End of the year for NA then.

Hopefully Wii U will get a bayonetta port before then.

#5 Posted by YearoftheSnake5 (7775 posts) -

The damn thing is already in English. I'd be surprised if NA and EU had a release off by several months.

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Hopefully the localization gap is not as long as the first game's.