Are you planning to get Super Mario 3D World?

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Poll: Are you planning to get Super Mario 3D World? (28 votes)

Yes 82%
No 18%

Because I certainly am. I have waited I don't know how long for it. Just about everyone across the web loves this game, from critics to gamers alike.

Plus, it's the most critically acclaimed game of the month that isn't an FPS or Grand Theft Auto.

#1 Posted by Rod90 (7266 posts) -

I don't.

I want a Super Mario Sunshine, not this...

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I am already playing the game. At this time, I am within two Green Stars from unlocking the final, but difficult World.

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I will begin playing it as soon as I get 100% in A Link Between Worlds.

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I already have it.

#5 Posted by blaaksheep (135 posts) -

i picked it up on saturday, the attention to detail in this game is insane. the Miiverse intergration is great aswell

#6 Edited by Toxic-Seahorse (4133 posts) -

Definitely plan on getting it eventually. It looks great.

#7 Posted by Master_Of_Fools (1355 posts) -

I have it. Its great. I have 100% the main game. Secret World is hard though.

#8 Posted by calway55 (232 posts) -

crap hit yes but jumped to error...actually have it and LOVE it

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Most certainely.

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I noticed from playing 3d world on a plasma and lcd that it seems like the graphics style looks better imo on the lcd. I wonder if this was intentional by nintendo bc every other game I have played on my 360 looks better on plasmas. The lcd screen does a better job at that plastic look art style

#12 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4764 posts) -

I'll get it whenever I buy a Wii U.