Are there different profiles on Mario Kart 7? Worth getting it on the eShop?

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Hello there.

Does Mario Kart 7 have different profiles? Or there's only one that you can use? Time trials saved on the cartridgehave names assigned to them? Or only the time is recorded?

What game modes are available? After researching online I know, there's no "mission" mode, but what other game modes are available besides Grand Prix?

Would you recommend getting the game on retail or on the eShop?

How does the game interacts with people who are on my friend list of the 3DS that have Mario Kart 7 too?

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Only one profile to a game. It's been forever but you register a Mii to the profile at some point, and that's the name records are saved as, and I'm not sure there is a way to change the Mii. Single player game modes include Grand Prix, Time Trial, Ballon Battle and Coin battle. GP is exactly what you would expect, Time trial is made suprisingly robust by Street and spot pass, and I haven't spent a ton of time in battle mode. Havn't played in local multiplayer Online includes the full suite of 8-player race and battle options, and its pretty easy to find a match. Communities have been largely ignored, but they were pretty pointless to begin with. You can see any online friends playing Mario Kart 7 online through the online menu or the system friends list, which both give you the option to jump into their game. The in game menu also let's you see and join up with recent random players IIRC. As for online VS retail, that really depends on how much use you intend to get from the game. I wish I had the digital version myself, just so I could always jump into a match without needing to go find my game card. If your just going to beat the GP, play a few online matches and shelve the game, than you would probably prefer physical media.
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Hello, Rod. :)

Mario Kart 7 does not use multiple profiles. Time trials do not have names assigned to them. Everything is saved as if one person = one cartridge.

Single Player and Local Multiplayer: Grand Prix (50cc, 100cc, 150cc, Mirror), Time Trials, Balloon Battle, and Coin Runners

Online Multiplayer: Worldwide, Friends/Opponents, and Communities

Mario Kart Channel: Where you can race with people you streetpassed with or the daily spotpass races.

I'm bias when it comes to retail vs eShop and I much rather prefer retail.

If someone on your friend list is playing online, you can join them.

EDIT: Adding to what DSS said, you can change your Mii in the Mario Kart Channel. Your Mii and name will be different, but the offline and online data are unchanged.

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Thanks guys for the replies, it's exactly what I needed to know. I'll see you around in other games online, but not MK7. :P