Anything impressive or interesting from Smash U, yet?

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#1 Posted by Meinhard1 (6782 posts) -

Whenever I see a video of the game it all basically looks like "Smash Bros, in HD."

Aside from that and the new characters I'm having a hard time seeing if there's anything actually new this game has to offer.

Obviously a new Smash Bros is always exciting to us Nintendo fans but has anyone seen or heard anything about the game that seems new or interesting?

#2 Posted by ANIMEguy10034 (4830 posts) -

Aside from new characters, small changes, and differences between 3DS and Wii U, not much really.

#3 Posted by Pierst179 (10803 posts) -

We will probably get a flood of information once the next big Nintendo Direct comes around.

#4 Posted by KBFloYd (14071 posts) -

gameplay would speak a million words.....but what we have is almost nothing.

#5 Posted by TJDMHEM (227 posts) -

so far not much.

#6 Posted by Raptor_Herc (251 posts) -

The game is most likely still in the middle of being developed. They probably will not show off any newer features (if there are any) until they are closer to completion. That and they are probably trying to centre everyone's attention towards DKC: Tropical Freeze ^^.

#7 Posted by darkmark91 (2881 posts) -

Rumor has it that the Hulk will be it, and his final smash will be Hulk Smash!