Anyone heard anything about a MK8 Wii U console bundle?

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I'm planning on getting a Wii U once Mario Kart 8 comes out. If there's a console bundle I'll pre-order that shizzle today.

I've done a little bit of research and can't find any info on if this is happening. And quite honestly I'm surprised.

This is the follow up to the #1 selling game in videogame history and no console bundle? Really?

Thanks if you got any info.

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Nothing yet. I reckon it will be all over Gamespot and IGN if a bundle is announced.

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Yeah, no news of it currently, but I'm 90% sure there will be a bundle for it.

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GS put up a news story earlier today.


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@f22_king_raptor: Thanks for the link, but that's for the special edition game bundle for Europe. I'm looking for a Wii U console bundled with the game. And I'm in North America. But thanks, much appreciated.

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nintendo doesnt do bundles for new games...windwaker being an exception.

there wont be one imo until maybe christmas or next year.

youll have to buy another bundle and get mario kart separate.

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@KBFloYd: I guess if nothing's announced in the next 6-8 weeks I'll buy the Mario/Luigi U console bundle + MK8 on the side.

Keeping my fingers crossed for a MK8 themed Wii U for now I guess.

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i dont feel like they will do one. it would effect sales of the game if they bundled it with the console. maybe later this year itll happen.

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Would be a great idea if Nintendo dd a Maro Kart 8 Bundle. The Maro Kart 8 game. A Wii U Wii Wheel. And a special White 32GB Flash memory model of the Wii U console. But alas.....No bundle.

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just get the mario wiiu bundle and get the game seperately then youll have 3 games to play