Another Generation Of Core Titles Ruined By Gimmicks

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As my crazy fan brought up in his post, Nintendo is focusing on ways to add in the gamepad to games.

What does this mean for the user?

Well it's another generation of obnoxious and tedious actions to perform instead of pressing a button.

Sure, in the late stages of the Wii's life cycle we got Skyward Sword and it's fun sword fighting but what came before that was Twilight Princess and it's awful waggle system.

Mario Galaxy and that stupid waggle to attack?

New Super Mario Bros Wii shaking?

Mario Strikers waggle?

So many Nintendo franchises were hurt because Nintendo didn't think "what makes a great game?" they said "what makes a game that makes use of our new tech" and that equaled a downgrade in quality.

So what's going on with the Wii U?

We have Nintendo again failing to say "we need to make a game that's great" they're saying "we need to make a game that takes advantage of the gamepad"

So we have another generation to wait until we can play our favorite franchises without having gimmicks ruin them.

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Oh boy, here we go again...

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@Jaysonguy said:

Well it's another generation of obnoxious and tedious actions to perform instead of pressing a button.

None of Nintendo's games on the WiiU have done that to this point, so why would they in the future? Even Nintendo Land doesn't have anything obnoxious or tedious in it, and that's 100% gamepad focused.

Wind Waker uses the gamepad perfectly to make that game a hundred times LESS obnoxious and tedious.

Nintendo has already shown that the gamepad can be utilized in great ways. It's a normal controller with additional functionality; that allows for a completely different experience when compared to the limited form factor of the Wii remote.

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@jasonguy could you please make a post describing what you actually like about Nintendo? It seems like you are a Nintendo fan that is upset with them, but I have only seen negative post about any of their recent games. Is there any recent Nintendo game that you enjoy?

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"Ruined by gimmicks" - Such a harsh way to put it. The games you listed as examples (besides Strikers because I haven't played it) were not ruined. It hardly made a difference. Flicking the wrist every now and again does not "ruin" a game. I had a lot of fun with those games, and some motion control did nothing negative to my experience.

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A Gimmick of the Gimmick is our Marketing Approach

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gimmicks what, the gamepad is far from a gimmick , you want gimmick look at ps eye , and eye of judgment now thats a gimmick , a touch screen is todays standard, deal with it

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@Jaysonguy: For Galaxy, I'll agree that waggle isn't so fun in 2014, but when it came out, it found a near-perfect balance between standard control and utilization of the Wii remote. Pulling yourself with the gravity stars and those random levels where you have to balance on glass orbs were a blast.

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The waggle hardly "ruined" Mario Galaxy. The games are both incredible.

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no game was ruined by motion controls last ha.

it was actually better imo.

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Jaysonguy is a gimmick that has ruined this board

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If they don't use it it defeats the purpose

If they do use it they're shoehorning in gimmicks.

Theres literally no way for them to win

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I'll believe it when I see it, you can't trust Nintendo's word on Wii U at this point..they've failed to deliver time & time again when it comes to Wii U. If their focus doesn't add anything like it is now..then I'll stay anti gamepad. :P

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@Nuck81: Oh my God! Gimmicks CAN ruin great stuff!

But seriously- GTA: Chinatown Wars made the case for the touchscreen interface on the DS, so I don't understand why everyone sees the touchscreen on the Wii U as such a horrible thing.

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While I agree with you on the wii mote part, so many great games forced me to use that stupid controller. But the tablet controller isn't annoying to use, it doesn't make me wag it around have have to constantly re calibrate it every 10 minutes with the screen.

I would love it if nintendo just blatantly ripped off the dual shock 4 or the x1 controller. I could also deal with a rip off of the dual shock 3 or 360 controller. Or the pro controller just move that right stick back under the buttons!

But I'll take the gamepad anyday over the wii mote

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Personal opinions aside, simply stating motion controls ruined Nintendo franchises doesn't make it so. Nintendo games developed by Nintendo tend to be well received, in every aspect. Unless you can prove a game like Super Mario 3D World is better without the gamepad, your point doesn't stick.

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@Shinobishyguy said:

If they don't use it it defeats the purpose.

If they do use it they're shoehorning in gimmicks.

Theres literally no way for them to win.

Eh, I can understand that sentiment I suppose.

I'd be more forgiving and accepting of what Nintendo attempts to do if their "innovations" didn't really feel so ill-thought out, slapped on and ultimately under utilized. No games that I've played aside from the SS on the Wii felt like they offered anything past the most superficial of novelties. These things come off as gimmicks because 99% of the time it really adds nothing so in-depth or noteworthy to the gameplay that couldn't better be accomplished by the simple push of a button (again, SS and Wii sports excluded).

Not going to comment on the U's gamepad as I've yet to play one, but I will say I like the idea of a second screen, always have since the DS, and prefer it to the 'mote. Still, when the best this gamepad can do is bother me to blow in the mic in Mario or hit the honk button in Kart (with Donkey Kong it's not even used at all), can you blame me or others for seeing that as nothing but a cheap gimmick?

I really get the sense that Nintendo puts these things on their systems not so much for the sake of what they can introduce to the games necessarily, but simply because they want to be able to distinguish themselves from Sony and MS in order to sell to a blue ocean. The Wii promise was much bigger than what it ended up giving, and the U doesn't seem to doing anything better. The gamepad feels not thought out at all, just a concept thrown together for the hell of it in order to retain that market that went to casuals and to be seen as different.

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If you don't like change then stick with your twenty year old gamepad.

Mind you its not a gimmick if you use it or even use it poorly.

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@FFCYAN: I mean it's not necessarily better without the Gamepad, but it certainly didn't do all that much with it. I think a lot of people were looking to the next 3d Mario as the definition of what the Wii U is as a console, and while it was great, it didn't do anything that unique that couldn't have been achieved with a Wii-mote or standard pro controller-like layout.

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Blog it bro. Seriously, stop trolling GameSpot users just because you'd get banned on other sites like IGN/GAF. Just go troll N4G with posts like this for Panic Gamer dude.

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@bonesawisready5: It won't stop. That's why you have me. :)

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i agree wholeheartedly. they should just stick to the wiimote and bring back he GC controller, but add another Z button to the other side.

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i agree wholeheartedly. they should just stick to the wiimote and bring back he GC controller, but add another Z button to the other side.

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@YearoftheSnake5 said:

Oh boy, here we go again...

Does this guy ever stop?