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I people I'm buying a DS (can't wait till next week) and I love anime and anime games. Can you please tell me if there are any good anime games and if any of them are in English? Thanks a lot
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anime fan eh check up elite beat agents its got some anime good ness in it.

phoenix wright 1-2 are anime also 3 is coming out

for the ultimate anime fan u must import jump ultimate stars its never coming to us but people have it wiki jump ultimate stars its a fighting game with every shonen jump character in it even ones u have not seen thres over 100 characters.

also though its may be jap its fighting all u need is menus and items/card things to get translated they have a stratigy guide on gamefaqs for that game tells u what is what. sooner or later u wont need it and u will no everything. 

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If want a good anime ds game You need to import Bleach 2nd.  It's one of the best anime fighting games you can get. 

Lunar knights is also a really cool game and it's in English it also has anime cutscenes which is pretty cool 

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Thanks for the quick answers!!!!
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I haven't played them, but Bleach DS 2nd and Jump Ultimate Stars are very popular import games.
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Jump Ultimate Stars ftw :D

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A lot of games have anime in it. Both Castlevania games have the anime style. You'll love the Mega Man ZX looks. Not to mention, they are very good games.
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the Pheonix Wright series

lunar:Dragon song (i heard this one suck)

Izuna: The legend of the Unemoployed Ninja

Lunar knights

castlevania series

can we say pokemon too?

Elite Beat agent?

hotel Dusk

final fantasy(maybe)

lots of others

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lunar knights has anime stlye cutscenes n stuff. ff3 doesn't really though, only the beginning intro scene is fmv style.
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"harvest moon" is good
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Jump Ultimate Stars bu it is only available in Japanese.

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The world ends with you it has graphics tha tlooks like anime!