After 11 years I finally finished Metroid Prime

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I bought Metroid Prime on the day it came out in 2002. I got to the fetch quest and quit playing. I ended up never finishing it and trading it in. I then got Metroid Prime 2 when I came out. Same story made it to the fetch quest and quit playing. Over the years I repurchased the games and every time I made it to the fetch quests I'd quit playing. I've had Prime Trilogy in my collection since it came out. I finally finished Prime 1 last night. I guess I'm glad I never finished it over the years. It's what kept me coming back again and again. Now I just need to finish the other 2.

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Isn't it an awesome game? The music and the immersive environments are still breathtaking. And considering this was released on the Cube, what a gem! I've had Echoes on forever and can't finish it for some reason, but I did finish Other M, which was good, but not great. Any way, congrats on finishing it, Metroid titles are great, and Prime really benefited from the 1st person POV.

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I can relate. Those fetch quests were blemishes on those great games. At least MP3 eased up on that a bit since you don't need all the keys. MP2 is probably worse than MP1.

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That's awesome to hear. No where is me Metroid game on the 3DS.

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It started off good, but it just got so repetitive for me towards the end. The fetch quest really killed the game and made it a task to play.

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I played it for the first time a couple of years ago in the Trilogy pack. I really enjoyed it, but I can't think of what it is you're talking about when you say fetch quest. I don't remember anything like that really.

I should really get around to playing 2 and 3 though.

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I got all the way to the end of Prime 1 but never finished the last boss. want to play through it again one day.

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I couldn't stop playing as soon as I started back then, and finished the game with a dropped jaw. One of the best games I've ever played. I remember buying a GameCube with Wind Waker and Metroid Prime, so I jumped back and forth between the two. Best start for a console ever.

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I never really minded the fetch-quest right at the end. I hope you have a blast with the other 2.

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i beat all 3 back to back...i had a 2 month marathon :P

with the wiimote..trilogy pack of course.

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That game took me a while, too... It was hard as hell for me a few years ago. Granted, that's probably changed (since I've beaten Dark Souls, I'd say my skill in gaming has gone up considerably) so it may not be as challenging, but when I was younger... Damn. Kicked my ass. Although I somehow managed to beat Meta Ridley on my first try.

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@KBFloYd said:

i beat all 3 back to back...i had a 2 month marathon :P

with the wiimote..trilogy pack of course.

I beat the first two back-to-back, but the third one only came out a couple of years after I did it.

That's a great marathon to have right there.

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@KBFloYd said:

i beat all 3 back to back...i had a 2 month marathon :P

with the wiimote..trilogy pack of course.

I beat the first two back-to-back, but the third one only came out a couple of years after I did it.

That's a great marathon to have right there.

yea man... i loved it...

nintendo channel says i did all 3 in 95 hours...but i didnt complete them 100% scans and stuff..

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@jdc6305: So weird! This game is one of the very special ones that keep getting deeper and deeper. I played it a lot of times and, same as you, I traded all my GC and Wii game for the Trilogy. So awesome!

I'm glad you kept going until now and I'm sure you're gonna enjoy the other two also :D

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I'm a huge Metroid fan to begin with. I started with the original on the nes and purchased Super Metroid the day it came out. It's one of the series that kept me gaming over the years. After Metroid skipped the N64 I was dying for a new entry into the Series. At first I thought the prime games were just ok but over time they've grown in me substantially. The prime games were so different then the Metroid I grew up knowing. The more I play the Prime games the more of an appreciation I have for them. They are without a doubt some of the best games of the last decade. There aren't many games I can play over and over like prime. I get pretty bored of games fast. I seriously hope we see something on par with the Prime series on WiiU.

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I'm probably the only one that hated these games... they felt so bland to me. Bland environments, bland enemies, bland music. Yeah, sure, you're all alone in some weird planet, but that only makes it more bland. :P

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Im there with you, I got the Prime Pack for xmas last year. Just beat the first one about april, a great game. Fetch quest was tedious as hell though. Haven't mustered the will to continue on to the second yet though.

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@Bardock47: A lot of people hate Prime 2 because of having to navigate the dark world aspect of the game. Personally it's my favorite of the trilogy. I feel as though Retro Studios took everything graphically they did with the first game and added in even more detail. I also feel it's more atmospheric then the first. Prime 1 was a tough act to follow but I think they outdid themselves with Prime 2.

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I just replayed Prime 1 earlier this year and was surprised at how well it still holds up. Retro created a really solid game... it's too bad most of the people from that company have moved on. I was thrilled when they came out with the trilogy wii version... seriously the wii's orange box. I wish we could get some sort of news on Metroid Wii U now...... I'll be so disappointed if Metroid gets overlooked at E3 2014

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It took me months to finish the first Metroid Prime. I got stumped multiple times, and set it aside for a several months before coming back to the puzzle with a new perspective. Metroid Prime 2 was worse, though. The game was significantly harder than the first and I didn't finish it until nearly a year and a half after the purchase.

Congratulations on finishing it after all these years! Hope you enjoy the others.

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it's one of my favorite games. in my first play through, i ended up collecting a lot of the artifacts before i needed them to progress though. the hints for the other ones were enough to clue me in on where to find them. it's such a great gaming world that i have no problems spending more time in it and unraveling more of its mysteries.

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The fetch quests in both Metroid Prime and Zelda Windwaker are the only blemish on otherwise perfect games.