Ackkstudios Working on Earthbound Inspired Wii U RPG

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Project Y2K is the next project from Two Brothers developer

Two Brothers developer Ackkstudios has revealed a few details regarding its next project, currently known as Project Y2K.

The game is a 3D RPG for the Wii U presumably the eShop. The title comes from the fact that the game is set at the conclusion of the year 1999.

Talking on NeoGAF, the developers have mentioned that the game takes inspiration from the likes of Earthbound and The World Ends With You.

Here's some of what has been posted on the official blog:

Two Brothers is still our main project. We began Project Y2K before we started Two Brothers and put it on hold to finish Two Brothers, as it was a smaller project.

Everyone who has completed work on Two Brothers is now working on Project Y2K so thats about a third of the AckkStudios Team.

Now that Two Brothers is nearing completion, we felt it was time to return to Project Y2K. Project Y2K currently exists in a few forms concept art, a finalized script/story line, a completed graphics/gameplay engine.

As for the title Project Y2K, we can tell you that the reason weve chosen this project name is because the game will begin January 1st 1999 at 12:02 AM

It certainly sounds like it could be an amazing concept - hopefully we'll hear a bit more about it via the blog itself.

Concept Art for Project Y2K

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Those are some nice inspirations. Let's see if it materializes into a good game.

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source of inspiration is nice, but i've never heard of them or their projects.
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I wonder if anybody will actually buy it? You know how some people talk big but clinch their money when it's time to pay up for something they asked for. Beside that point, I never heard of these people so I'm REALLY skeptical about them but I'm willing to give them a shot.
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Sounds interesting for sure.