3DS Users: How often do you use the 3D?

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Hi guys,

I need your opinion on something. I was wondering whether to get a 2DS or a 3DS for the new Pokémon game. The 2DS is reasonably cheap in the UK at the moment but is it worth spending those extra 40 pounds to get 3D. So here's my question, if you have a 3DS, how often to you actually use the 3D?

I look forward to hearing your answers.


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i use it in every game... except for 2...and ironically they are pokemon x and project x zone.

if you just want it for pokemon then get a 2DS...if you want to experience the whole libabry and check how the 3d is for those games...then get a 3ds.

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i always leave the 3D on personaly, if i were you i would buy the Original 3DS which is around £130 i beleive. plus with the 2DS you can't fold it, good luck trying to fit that in your pocket

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All the way up, all the time. I rarely play for long stretches, so I have no reason to try to save battery by turning 3D off or lowering the brightness.

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Sometimes. It's really uncommon now that I'm playing Pokemon outside of home everyday. Not only does the game barely use 3D, I also try to conserve as much battery life as I can.

The 3D effect is fantastic in some games, but it's completely optional. It really depends on your priorities and preferences; whether or not you like using 3D and would sacrifice battery life (or sometimes frame rate) for it.

If I had to pick between the 2DS and 3DS, and I didn't care for 3D, I would still go for the 3DS mainly because I prefer the clam shell design. It makes it easier to put in your pocket.

If you don't mind the 2DS's design, the lack of 3D, and inability to put it in your pocket, then get a 2DS.

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Very little. The times I do it is only for brief stretches. I'm guessing it is because my vision is god awful, but I start getting headaches using the 3D even on the XL model.

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All the time unless it's Pokemon. Terrible implementation in that.

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I found a good price on a 3ds under £100


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Just to also let you know, Pokemon doesn't have in game 3D available. The 3D is only in the cut scenes.

Correct me if I'm wrong though. I actually haven't played it yet.

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@trugs26: some sections of the open world are rendered in 3D. the Battles are in 3D aswell

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I also prefer the clam shell. Thanks @blaaksheep for finding that. In that case is it worth spending the extra for the xl? I have quite big hands and am long sighted so need glasses for close up work.

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I also prefer the clam shell. Thanks @blaaksheep for finding that. In that case is it worth spending the extra for the xl? I have quite big hands and am long sighted so need glasses for close up work.

I have huge hands as well and had to sell the original 3ds when I bought it at launch because it was so uncomfortable to play. The XL I have now is much better, but my left thumb still cramps occasionally from the circle pad placement and I still find it cumbersome to reach the shoulder buttons in the heat of play. However, it's big enough to offset this, and it's actually enjoyable to play as compared to the complete trouble I had with the original. In your case I would definitely say it's worth it to buy the XL, or else you're going to have the same problems I did. Hope this helps. Cheers.

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Pretty much every day. Have been off it only a handful of days this year.

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Personally Idk why anyone would choose a 2DS over a 3DS. I mean the 2DS looks hideous - it looks like a cheap, plastic toy. Why couldn't they keep the original form of the 3DS and just do away with the 3D slider?

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I hardly use the 3D, I only use it every now and then to see how the game looks. But even if you don't like or want to use the 3D, consider getting a 3DS instead of a 2DS. I dunno but it just looks weird to me.

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I only ever use 3D in Super Mario 3D Land. Every other game I play in 2D.

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I play my 3DS daily, I haven't been playing my consoles as much because of convenience issues. It charges pretty quick and holds a charge pretty long and I often play it on the go.

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I use the 3D feature off and on, it's great to have for some games, even just the mild 3D effects are pretty good, the deeper you try to go though you have to keep it pretty still, some games though you don't want deep depth just because you eyes have to focus at different distances and they don't always design games right where you have to look near for text even if the character is at a further depth, that annoys me, some games do a pretty good job of the 3D though, XLs are great you should get one for the bigger screen.

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I use it about 99% of the time. I just zone into it everytime I turn on the 3DS. Some games really benefit from the 3D, like Starfox 64 3D.

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I guess I didn't really answer the question before, but I used 3D most of the time when I owned my 3DS.

Sometimes it was pretty neat. And I mean if you have the feature, why not? As long as it doesn't make you sick to look at it or sonething.