3DS Official Mii QR Code and Friend Code Exchange Thread (updated)

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#251 Posted by Kirbside (314 posts) -

I added everyone who had there FC posted in the first post. Please add me when you can please.

#252 Posted by kerimblue13 (161 posts) -

Username: Kerim

Code: 0087-2467-6417

#253 Posted by Kirbside (314 posts) -

I just added you, please add me when you can, thanks.

#254 Posted by KShah11 (1 posts) -
3DS: 2148 - 8258 - 7868 PM me and I'll add you back!
#255 Posted by Cherokee_Jack (32198 posts) -

FC: 4811-7115-6841

PM yours if you add me. I just got SSF4, I suck at it. :]

#256 Posted by kerimblue13 (161 posts) -

Add me as a friend and tell me you did!

#257 Posted by Roblemon (1 posts) -
Hey guys, check out my youtube channel! It has content from 3ds games so you can see what each are about! Just starting out and really need some support/subscribers, any help would be appreciated, thanks! My friend code is listed there! http://www.youtube.com/user/NintendoReviews3ds
#258 Posted by danjin44 (288 posts) -

here is mine


My Friend Code: 2277-6835-9181

#259 Posted by osan0 (12914 posts) -
i just got my 3DS today...i decided to finally take the plunge :D. i will add loads of people form here so if you see a message from neumie..thats me. my FC should be in my sig but if its not then its 3136-6783-7670. feel free to add me also if you wish :).
#260 Posted by Omega_Zero69 (13663 posts) -
Sup guys my friend code is 0430-8477-2109 and my mii  pm me if you gonna add and if you want me to add you too post the code in the pm too since i rarely come to this board only to check on info and other threads that seem interesting
#261 Posted by OmegaAK47 (875 posts) -

Friend Code:

1504- 5889-6379

Name: GREED :oops:

#262 Posted by Cloud_765 (111394 posts) -
Cloudy: 2449-4791-3879 If you want to add me, please PM me so I know you added me, and make sure to put your Friend Code in the PM! I'll add anyone that wants to add me though.
#263 Posted by Hunimyx (39 posts) -
I'm sort of new here, but I hope to get some friends to add to my (non-existent) collection. :) Please PM me with your friend code if you add me! I always welcome new friends. :D 3DS code: 2707-1758-0417
#264 Posted by Kaze_no_Mirai (11560 posts) -
I'll be adding a few people here. :)
#265 Posted by kerk12 (1580 posts) -

Here's mine:

FC: 0130-1964-1213

NAME: kerk12

add me up guys ;).

#266 Posted by Saddlerm07 (4 posts) -
strife 5155-3138-8341 thats my friend code add me plz and let me know cheeeeeers pm plz
#267 Posted by AGM3002 (899 posts) -

2105 8755 3043. Theres mine, pm me if you added me. Thx!

#268 Posted by kerimblue13 (161 posts) -

Add meh and pm meh!

#269 Posted by LJELLZ (11 posts) -

Loydey 4425-1513-5711 add me and then PM me and I'll add you. All are welcome need friends cheers

#270 Posted by diyth41 (131 posts) -
My FC is 0645-6000-6501 And if you add me make sure to PM me letting me know so I can add you
#271 Posted by Jolt_counter119 (4146 posts) -

Name Adam, FC is 5155-3160-3077. I'll accept anyone but if you add please pm with your FC.

#272 Posted by dodgerock04 (180 posts) -

Hi all, this is my FC:FC

FC: 1032 - 1409 - 7392

My name is Dodger!

#273 Posted by dodgerock04 (180 posts) -

and pm me once you add me pl0x:)

#274 Posted by RoflRamz (1 posts) -
Add me :3 my FC is my siggy
#275 Posted by MaleficDalek (3 posts) -
Friend code = 0216-0984-5241
#276 Posted by magiciandude (9677 posts) -

It is I, the magiciandude.

MD Mii

My FC is:4983-4928-7039

I only add those that I knew for at least a while.

#277 Posted by AxMxH (62 posts) -

here is mine
4682 8676 8146
if anyone knows way to make code picture please tell me xD

#278 Posted by AxMxH (62 posts) -

Being last one on the list I feel little bit wired xD . common add me guys ! Peace !

#280 Posted by DARKNESSxEAGLE (489 posts) -

I added everyone on this page (page 6), would be appreciated if you could add me too please

#281 Posted by DARKNESSxEAGLE (489 posts) -

oh yeah (I'm an idiot), my code is: 4897-6011-8819

#282 Posted by vickersfan (895 posts) -

my code is 3480-2829-3516! name Jana. PM me with ur code if u add me!!! :D

#283 Posted by vickersfan (895 posts) -

i added ya! my code is 3480-2829-3516! add me now :D

#284 Posted by vickersfan (895 posts) -

i added ya my code is 3480-2829-3516 add me now! XD

#285 Posted by pacific90 (676 posts) -

Here is myFriend Code: 0903-2873-5849. I live in California. Below are the list of games I will be buying:

Super Mario 3D Land

Mario Kart 7

Animal Crossing 3DS

Luigi's Mansion 2

Heroes of Ruin

Paper Mario 3D

I have 14 people through streetpass, I am a Nintendo Ambassador, and I am also considering getting Monster Hunter Tri G.

#286 Posted by Krazykid3333 (442 posts) -

Here is my FC: 2234-7142-1682. PM me if you add me.

#287 Posted by zekrom17 (2 posts) -
Add me 5198-2414-7899 and my name is Tito........message me if you add me :D
#288 Posted by jasonharris48 (21441 posts) -

Just picked up a 3DS yesterday here's my friendcode: 4339 2783 3732. PM me if you decide to add me

#289 Posted by bdmckinley (795 posts) -
I added: dodgerock04 Jolt_counter119 RoflRamz MaleficDalek magiciandude AxMxH DARKNESSxEAGLE vickersfan pacific90 krazykid3333 zekrom17 My Friend Code is: 2750-1094-8595
#290 Posted by KiD_ReMiX (254 posts) -

Name: KiD ReMiX

Friend code: 0430-8441-8003.

Please send a pm if you add me so I can add you as well.

#292 Posted by little-fred (44 posts) -

I'm a lonely 3DS user! :P add me if you want, PM me if you do.

Name: Josh

Friend Code: 2191-7650-0657

Games I have:

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Super Mario 3D Land

Games I plan on getting:

Mario Kart 7

Animal Crossing

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Luigi's Mansion 2

Kingdo Hearts: Dream, Drop, Distance

Beyond the Labyrinth

Tales of The Abyss

#293 Posted by kankuro666 (141 posts) -
yo whats up my code is 4382-2064-4672 pm me if you add me
#294 Posted by Big_Evil666 (13817 posts) -

my friend code is 5069-4236-7320

if u add me, please pm me here on GS o rreply to my Blog


#295 Posted by ShuichiChamp24 (5014 posts) -
I wish I could but I can't pm until I get my computers back. Anyway, my new code is 3050-7903-0289. Just bought a new 3DS.
#296 Posted by Tu2lauj (40 posts) -

Here's mines, 4553-9963-0198 (name: Tu2lauj)

#297 Posted by My3DS (17 posts) -
Just picked up my 3DS yesterday, here's my friend code: 5284-1741-4876
#298 Posted by bravemanrunning (1 posts) -

Friend code: 2664-2270-4478

Got Mario Kart 7 in today.

#299 Posted by King9999 (11835 posts) -

Here's my QR:

And here's my FC: 2105-8754-7747

#300 Posted by MickeyTheNinja (3824 posts) -
Mine is 3179-6398-0960. I just got a 3DS so add me if you'd like, picking up MK7 soon too.