3DS Official Friend Code Exchange Thread

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@Slice_n_Dyson I add you. I have Pokemon X :)

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Add for pokemon y and kid icarus


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Hi ! I have Pokemon X at the moment and i would love to add some friends. :)

Friends code : 3110-6039-8904

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@Sokol4ever: added you pls add back.

Fc 2938-7257-2363

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My friend code is:


Feel free to add me just let me know so I can add you too. The 3Ds games I currently play are Pokemon Y and AC:NL.

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@laluztoguideyou: added you. here's my fc 0189-9568-0684

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@SemiBolt: Can I add you as a friend? If yes, my friend code is 3625 9320 5472. Thankyou

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@laluztoguideyou: Can I add you as a friend? If yes, my friend code is 3625 9320 5472.. My name is Kayla<3

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Added all the recent posts, my FC is 4399 1057 9291

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Pretty new, mostly just looking for people to play pokemon X with. If you have a ditto safari, that's a plus. My friend code is 2552-2731-4996.

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My friend code is 1564 4029 9657. My name is Daniel

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Uh... Not to be rude, but why give out friend codes to random people?

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@ultimaomegazero said:

Uh... Not to be rude, but why give out friend codes to random people?

No different from adding people randomly on steam, a steam account reveals more information than a friendcode as both people with the friendcodes must add each other. You will not be notified when someone adds you which is a safety measure to prevent you from adding people you specifically didn't add.

Ex: You see a random friend code and you add it. The person who has this friendcode will never know you added him/her. This is a safeguard for people so they don't add people they specifically don't want to add. You have to notify the person you're adding and leave your friendcode there for the other person to see so they can add you back to get on the list.

Sharing friendcodes allows you to trade pokemon and play multiplayer games together.

Now I'm not saying sharing friendcodes is a 100% safe because sharing any information about yourself online is not safe but this isn't in any way risky incomparison to revealing things like your location which people do all the time nonchalantly in the forums.


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I guess I should add mine then. PM me if you did.


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Hey, so I play Pokemon X, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds. My friend code is: 0963-1342-7987. PM me back. And my name is Caroline.

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let me join too! i'm prana and my FC: 1392-6305-9256

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Hi, I'm Emir - My friend code is - 3566-1569-7154.

Be sure to PM and I'll add you :)

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Hey folks, I am currently playing 'Bravely Default'..I love RPGs and tactical games. Rybo: 2664-3053-9627.

PM Me if you want to add cheers

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Please add me if you got Pokemon X/Y, I would like some more friend safaris.


I am going to add a few FC codes but please reply to me if you add me

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@shadowchronicle: OK, thanks.

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Well, Since 3DS requires that you have Friends, and not only one or two!, no .. MANY friends in order to make your experience much more joyful, I invite everyone to add me to their friend list, my FC is: 4485-0060-3689, PM as soon as you add me, I'm counting on you ~ :)

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here's my FC:


I have Pokemon X, Pokemon Platinum and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

I'm currently playing pokemon X .

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Hello everyone!

My friend code is 2294-4673-4303.

Games I currently play are mainly Bravely Default and Pokemon Y.

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I'm Clefdefa and ma FC si : 4055-4803-7482

I play Pokémon X, Bravely Defaul, Mario 3d Land and A Link Between World

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@Sw0rDMaN , @DSbestfriend , @angelanewsom I added you

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Friend code: 2079 - 8290 - 7997

Have played:

Super Mario 3D Land


New Art Academy

Super Street Fighter 3D Edition

Plan on getting smash when it comes out.

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FC: 2466-2913-9076

I only have Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Pokemon Y XP

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My friend code is

2981 - 5958 - 7808

Please add me if you wanna play animal crossing new leaf. X

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Username: Kmangamer

Friend Code: 5172-2058-2591

Games: Pokemon Y, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Probably more in the future.

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I added you my FC is : 4055-4803-7482 I play Pokémon X and Bravely Default but I also have Zelda a link between world, Super Mario 3d Lands, Paper Mario and Fire Emblem

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Mine is 4141-4207-3876

Playing :

Pokemon y

super mario 3d land

Animal crossing newleaf

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2938-7257-2363 please add me

Pm after adding please, have pokemon y, kid icarus uprising, and monster hunter 3.

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@coldbat: added you.

2938-7257-2363 please add me

Pm after adding please

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My 3DS Friend Code is: 1993-8434-2199

I play Pokemon Y, Mario Kart 7 and Mario Golf: World Tour. Feel free to add me if you're looking for friends to play with, just send me a PM or a mention to let me know so I can add you back.

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My FC: 4398-8737-0213

only playing pokemon Y atm.. oddly enough greatly interested if anyone here has a Ditto friend safari :P LOL

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@coldbat: Added :D Add me back: 3325-3752-9210 Looking to play AC New Leaf :D

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4511-1079-0863 is my code


I added u. Can you please add me? :P Thanks. I plan on getting smash.

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My FC: 1306-6814-2883. I play Pokemon Y, AC: New Leaf and Bravely Default. Just let me know if you added me so I can add you back.

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Name: chris


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My FC is
inbox me yours so I can add it please

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@pokefan_katnipp: added u here is mine fc:3497-0221-0142

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@AVIS93: added u here is mine fc 3497-0221-0142

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Hello All, I just bought a 3DS XL Along with Pokémon X And Zelda a link between worlds.

I also have Mario Kart 7 and The Sims 3. I would like to register some friends on here so please add my friend code in the 3DS Friends list Home Menu

Also let me know you added my FC And post yours so I can add you

3368 - 3340 - 6284

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Add me as well. FC = 5343-8114-3081.

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FC: 2466 3925 9280

Name: Jordan

Games: Animal Crossing, Pokemon Y, Tekken And Street Fighter

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@Enforcedspot: I added you please friend and mario kart me!

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