3DS Official Friend Code Exchange Thread

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FC: 0147-0075-0559
nickname: Ney

playing Pokemon X
let me know if you add me

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I'm Clinton and my friend code is 4012-3492-9863

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@TJDMHEM said:

Put you guys in the first post.


I changed the friendcodes so they would be listed alphabetically along with the games you play so other people know a little before adding you. If you would like me to add in the games you play faster please tell me here what games you want added. Also, I'll be adding in games for those who have written down the games they play.

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FC: 0920-1174-3546

Games I own: Pokemon Y Version.

I'll be getting Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D over the next two weeks however.

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Friend code: 0963-0611-3786

Games: Mario Cart 7, Mario party Island tour, Pokemon X, Animal Crossing New Leaf.

Friend me!

BTW My name is Dane

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Games I have:

Pokemon X,Animal Crossing New Leaf,Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance,Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity.

Oh yeah,Name's Tori.

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I bought a Nintendo 3DS today. My friend code is 3196-4790-2684.

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ADD ME I ADD BACK. Playing Pokemon X currently 3ds friend code is 0877-1968-1411

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I'm Manny I'm 27 I love RPGs and need friends!!!

Manny - 4055 4335 3283

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@zeldafan83 I added you!!! add me now!! Manny 4055 4335 3283

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Add me! My code is 1719-4084-3095 LMK if you add me:) and I'll add back! Playing pkmn x/y wooooo


Games I have:

Pokemon X,Animal Crossing New Leaf,Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance,Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity.

Oh yeah,Name's Tori.

@BranKetra @SRSLY_GTFOOH @losthexagon1 added you!

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@shadowchronicle: I'm called TwistedFoxxy my friend code is 0388 - 0132 - 8036 add me n I'll add back i mainly play pokemon games

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@shadowchronicle: added u

I also added semibolt,bbkkristian,allicrombie,adminspawn,5thwarlord,


amazontreeboa,and atlanticrock

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my friendcode: 1650-2312-9060

name: Rania

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My friendcode is 0147-0540-2857

Nickname is Rage. Let me know if you add me. Thanks!

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I bought a Nintendo 3DS today. My friend code is 3196-4790-2684.

you go Bran, didn't think you had it in you. =P Oh, and added.

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I pre-ordered Bravely Default today. Would like some help getting some friend codes please. Will check at least every 4-8 hours the rest of this week and add all who respond and/or add me. Thanks & take care.

Mii name: Fuller-ish
Friend code: 3926 4763 2447

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FRIEND CODE: 4725-8157-4236


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Added everyone I can from the original list. Still learning the PM system, so it may take me a moment to send a mass message without having a link to each person's inbox.

Will add any/all who wish to do the same for me.

Mii name: Fuller-ish

Friend code: 3926 4763 2447

Edit: er... so I thought that friends list would add to street pass, but I guess it doesn't. My interest is really only for Bravely Default.

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276687860132 please add my friend code guys.

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@Allicrombie said:

@BranKetra said:

I bought a Nintendo 3DS today. My friend code is 3196-4790-2684.

you go Bran, didn't think you had it in you. =P Oh, and added.

I do, Alli. I have Mario & Luigi Dream Team and will eventually get more. Tell me what games you want to play and I will see what I have and then we can go from there.

If it was not obvious, I hope this clears things up (Also for the sake of the thread).

@marcielorey I added you. @Allicrombie I added you, too.

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@fuller-ish: I added you for Bravely Default! Add mee too please!!


Mii: Mark

Anyone else playing Bravely Default feel free to add me as well. PM me and I'll add you back.

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FC: 1864-9851-1283

Currently playing Bravely Default

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My nickname is Kizzy and my 3DS friend code is 5086-2318-8816. I play Pokemon X and Pokemon Y ( I have both games ) and I need people who also play either of these games as friends for the Friend Safari. Please add me to your list :D

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Howdy, been a long time reader of the site and never really joined till now, weird o_O

Anyways, names Luis and Im an RPG vet and addict. Im mainly playin Bravely Default, but Im going through Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokemon Y, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Etrian Odyssey IV and Crimson Shroud. My guilty pleasure is definitely Project X Zone, which is actually tons^2 of funs if um...repetitive a tad smidgen?

FC is 1478 3755 1987 so add me, pm me, and ill add ya right back :D

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Currently playing Bravely Default and want to add some friends!

Please add me and i'll add you too!


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Bravely Default:

FC: 3840 7173 9520. Will add anyone who adds naturally.

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Hey guys, my friend code is 2595-1289-8629 (Username Sam Vanity) I tend to play Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing and Pokemon Y :)

My sister's friend code is 5155-3472-6341 (Skiá [with the accent]) and she tends to play the same :3 We look forward to playing with you :D

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Hello, my name is Mike and my FC is 2337-4400-5500

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Updated topic with people who have posted friendcodes since my last update.

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I'll be adding everyone from this list my code is 3583-0061-3353 looking for people to add to my friend safari!

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Add Me 5429-6951-0231

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@dominic20819: just added you. Anyone can can add me. My friend code is 3926-6332-9985

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Friend Code 4613-7417-7914

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me too! please :)


nick: pupu

games i play: pkmn X, tales of the abyss, a link between worlds

never stop gaming guys :P

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ok, i wrote like 60 pms.....if i haven'T written one to you yet, then i don'T have your code yet O.o but please, those who did get a pm, please add me, pretty please??? :)

i'll continue at a later time spamming pms XD someone please show me how to write a mass-message :O

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Animal Crossing New Leaf friends wanted! :) Add me and send me a message so I can add you! FC 1177-8496-8497 nickname sugapuddin

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Username Jerry

Friend code: 4897-6413-6048

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My friend code: 4399-0816-6196

Username: MrBz

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JCrichton 3497-1271-0560

Add away

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nickname- geohorse


currently playing Bravely Default and Mario Kart 7

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