3DS : Deleting Pokemon Saved Game File (NOT WORKING)

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#1 Posted by wigwomwill (2 posts) -
I bought the 3DS the other day and decided to buy a used Pokemon: White with it (And Super Street Fighter IV, of course.) and I have tried the "Up + Select + B" sequence to try and delete my saved game - but nothing happens, only bringing me back to the start screen. I'm totally dumb founded on whats happening, maybe the 3DS doesn't support this function? I don't have any other DS consoles so I'm not able to do it on any other, but if someone can try to find a way or knows why its not working then please tell.
#2 Posted by Jbller3 (824 posts) -
You're supposed to do the procedure at the start screen. lol.
#3 Posted by wigwomwill (2 posts) -
ROFL. Wow, thank you so much! I'm so stupid, no where did it say that ._. Just kept saying "Up + select + B"
#4 Posted by Jbller3 (824 posts) -
No prob. lol, got confused at first too.