3DS (Brick) for $80 or 3DS XL for $200

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#1 Posted by drekula2 (1949 posts) -

I want to buy a used 3DS (original) from my friend for $80 but also I prefer the 3DS XL.

I would just go with the XL for $30 more dollars, but a $120 difference is too big to ignore.

#2 Posted by Raptor_Herc (251 posts) -

Do you get the games on his 3DS as well? If so, that would make that deal all the more attractive (assuming his 3DS is still in good condition).

Unless you really want bigger screens and/or hate fingerprint magnets (e.g. the OG 3DS), I would go with the OG 3DS.

#3 Posted by Kenny789 (10251 posts) -

That's a fantastic deal for a 3DS however I would still recommend a 3DS XL. Maybe you can find a used 3DS XL in good condition?

#4 Posted by lamprey263 (24477 posts) -

Go with the XL, the screen size makes a big difference, plus it has a much better battery life to it.

#5 Posted by scoots9 (3222 posts) -

As an OG 3DS owner I'd recommend the XL. Older non-XL 3DSes have iffy D-pads and buttons.

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I was lucky and got my 3dsxl new for $115, because I had an $85 coupon from Best Buy. As someone who has used both, I can tell you that the screen on the 3dsxl is much nicer, but the 3D has better audio volume, and unless you have munchkin hands, the 3D is going to cramp them, especially in games that use the stylus. $80 is a tough price to beat though. For that price, I'd take the 3d and do my best to get used to it.