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Seems like if you want the best car you simply chose either the Venom GT for cop, or the McLaren P1 for racer. They should have the top tier of cars equal in over all score and with strengths and weaknesses to differentiate them. 90% of the cars in the game will never be used except when leveling up.....Those two cars I mentioned are in a class of their own. Nothing else handles or accelerates like them.... Boring.

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I'm only at racer level 20 so far, so I'm sufficing with the Ferrari F12. It's stock control stat is 8.2 compared to 8.5 for the P1, and if you max the control upgrades it handles pretty well. It also has way better strength and durability than the P1.

I'll probably swap out my level 4 shock wave for level 4 ESF when I try the grand tour. For now I'm finishing up getting gold medals on the events, I have 2/3 of them so far. I'm also going to use the ESF to get used to that vs shock before trying the tour.

You do need good handling in this game, but you also need strength and durability. Up until now I've been getting by with turbo and shock with no defense tech, but it's cost me a few gold medals where I got wrecked just before the finish line.

So to answer, no, I don't feel the fastest, best handling cars are overpowered, because they're usually weak in strength and durability. The Ferraris are the only cars that are consistently well balanced in stats, but you feel their shortcomings in speed, accel, and control vs some cars. The only exception being tier 1 (Heat 1) cars, where the Aston Martin Vanquish rules.

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Unless you're spending all your time around I-4, the top speed doesn't really matter. Like Maniac said, handling matters most. I use the McLaren F1 GTR (all time fave since IT was the fastest on land) as a cop and the Enzo as a racer because of it's amazing durability. ESF/SHWAV or ESF/SHRAM all day.

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After beating Race mode with all gold medals, then beating Patrol mode as cop with all gold, I really don't get why they have SO many better cars in the cop career. I mean sure many are just undercover and enforcer variants, but there's still a better selection of cars.

The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 in the cop career has gotten me through most events that require good handling. It also has incredible acceleration, durability and strength. It's not available in the racer career though.

Two events that come to mind are Keep the Pressure and Guilty as Charged. They're both Rapid Response events that require very good handling and keeping your speed up. Keep the Pressure starts on West Ridge Drive and Guilty as Charged just So of the SE I-4 interchange.

As with many cop events, the Lambo LP 700-4 was the only car I could gold Keep the Pressure with. I finally got in under the required 2:30 time, beating it by nearly a whole sec at 2:29:05.

Guilty as Charged is another story, as it heads south in the open desert roads and requires a car with pretty good top speed. Even still, I very nearly got the required gold time of 2:04 with a 2:04:1 using the LP 700-4, and had I not got docked :05 for swinging a bit too wide in one spot and scraping a guard rail, I'd have done it in that car. I ended up beating it with a 2:00:27 in the Bugatti Veyron, but it took several tries with the noticeably worse handling.

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