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This game is pretty sweet in my opinion.

I like the cars, I like the way they drive and I like the events. Although it sucked balls considering its open world there is only 1 races ( the last one) that is like 25 miles long. That race was epic. If they did most the events as epic as that the game would be... 'EPIC'!

But what I am really thinking this game needs is multiplayer support. The concept is there... there are racers and cops.... and passing by a racer you could start a head to head.. as a racer... or passing by a cop as a racer your likely to get chased. How cops play with cops I dont know.

But literally with so few people per server this is happens so little. And outside of getting chased by a cop by just being in the same place at the same time or starting a head to head with someone... there is no way to organizea multplayer race.

The only way it could be done is someone shouting out on the MIC.... 'meet at this point in x minutes I will start a race' and hoping for as many takers as possible.

Players should earn the right or be able to call for global events in which everyone else can either accept or deny. Also needs to be more players per server.

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It needs:

*Muscle Cars


*to be able to Pause it !

*to be able to just plain drive around without being connected to the network, and drive roaming around testing all unlocked cars

*ect ..

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@LexLas said:

It needs:

*Muscle Cars


*to be able to Pause it !

*to be able to just plain drive around without being connected to the network, and drive roaming around testing all unlocked cars

*ect ..

There are Muscle Cars. The Camaro, Challenger, Shelby, Viper, and Corvette are all muscles. The BMWs and Bentley are tehnically considered muscle as well.

They stopped modifications after shift because each layer of modification, no matter how small, Is actually another full layer of car skin that has to be loaded on top of the original. Now imagine one person driving 25 (1 car and 24 layers of paint) cars that have to be rendered at once. NOW imagine 150 cars (6 sets of 25 layers) being rendered. That's quite the load. If this game was made EXCLUSIVELY for NewGen consoles and systems, I would understand this argument.

In an open world multiplayer game, pausing is impossible. To pause the game, you would have to pause everyone else's gameplay (not very fair now, is it?)

You CAN drive around without being connected to the network.

etc = no further input.

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If you want to pause the game enter the hideout problem solved

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The game needs better optimization and a better HUD and menu system. I have a 7970 and without the command line to remove the 30 FPS frame rate cap, I get crap performance even with the latest patch. Even with that command though I cannot set it to 60 FPS, because there are still frame rate dips as low as 35 FPS or less that cause huge lag. Best I can do is set it to cap at 40 FPS, then it plays with minimal lag.

Easy Drive needs shortcut options where you can bind certain keys to skip straight to Safe House or Repair Station GPS waypoints. I get really tired of having to scroll through it to set Safe House or Repair Station waypoints when I'm being chased.

The game desperately needs a reset car on track option. There are lots of places in the game where you can get stuck in areas you can't get out of by driving, wrecking, or jumping, and your only option when this happens is to exit game and load the prior auto save upon restarting, which can make you lose a LOT of points in the process.

There's a lot of sp stats the menu doesn't show, like drift distance. The Career Overview is not registering speedlists you've already completed. I've completed all of them but the Grand Tour, and every one before that has objective boxes that are still showing as empty, even though I've completed them and gotten the reward for it. I've seen this same problem on my friend's PS4 version.

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Bilboards to crash through

More jumps
Inside car view

Pause button

Offline mode playing on a computer and haven't found one.. pulled out the internet cord and got offline mode :D so not forced online if you dont have internet

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This game could use more high end Tuner Vehicles:

Nissan GT-R Spec V

Subaru Cosworth STI

Mitsubishi Evolution FQ400