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Hello, everybody!

I've been trying to find out what is the problem for the game, cos every time when the PC game about to start, it quits automatically, and shows windows of errors, it's about DirectX error. I don't know why, so please can anyone helps me? Thanks!

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Can you post the full spec of your PC?

From the wording of the error message it suggests you are only using onboard graphics (HD4600 - built in to certain Intel CPUs). HD4000 is listed as minimum spec, so model-wise you are just above that, but it also requires atleast 512MB memory for it. If you only have say 2GB total for your PC there may not be enough to run everything and still set aside 512MB for the graphics the game requires.

The part about not having enough virtual memory might be helped by reading THIS ARTICLE with advice on how to increase the Virtual memory (page file).

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@Avenger1324: I can start the game, it just will quit after the pre-show. my PC is HP, Envy, very powerful... it doesn't make sense the graphic card memory isn't enough.

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HP Envy is just the brand or model range - I searched the site and found it covers all sorts from tablets, laptops and desktops - there will be a huge difference in performance between a laptop mainly intended for web browsing and basic office work to a desktop intended for gaming. Knowing what you have will identify the spec of the machine, and how capable it is (or should be) to run the game.

Things like the intro movies can work because they are just pre-recorded videos - not very demanding on your PC. Once it starts to load the full engine to get the game ready to play it crashes out because it detects a problem (your error messages).

HD4600 reported in the error message is only a basic graphics chip (integrated graphics / onboard graphics) built in to the Intel CPU. It's fine for basic work, web browsing, watching videos etc. but is not intended for demanding games. For gaming you want a dedicated graphics card - typically Nvidia GeForce GTX 7xx / 6xx or AMD Radeon 7xxx / 6xxx which would be listed in the PC spec if it had one.

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@Avenger1324: I don't know how to see the tech of graphics card!

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I didn't see your image before my last post - the i7 is decent, as is 12GB of RAM. The M in the CPU model suggests you have a laptop (M for mobile processor).

You should be able to see the model of graphics card you have by clicking on your Windows Experience Index rating. that will take you to a screen breaking it down into multiple parts (Processor, Memory, Graphics etc.). If you click on "view and print detailed performance and system information" it will give you more details and it should state what your graphics card is.

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@Avenger1324: Yes, the graphic card is nvidia GeForce R331!

PC just automatically download the drive of GeForce R331, I'll install later.

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Hopefully the problem was just the lack of drivers so your PC defaulted to the onboard graphics - which struggled. With the correct drivers installed it should use your dedicated graphics card and hopefully get you into the game working properly :)

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@Avenger1324: but it doesn't make sense. I was playing nfs the run and carbon without install the drive of graphic card.and it was fine...

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@svbla said:

@Avenger1324: Yes, the graphic card is nvidia GeForce R331!

PC just automatically download the drive of GeForce R331, I'll install later.

GeForce R331 is not a graphics card, it's just a driver.


The only graphics hardware you've shown so far is the Intel HD4600, which is barely above minimum spec.