Your top 10 downloaded apps?

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#1 Posted by rubber-chicken (2066 posts) -

I recently got a Nexus 4, and would like to know what your top 10 downloaded apps are! (not built-in ones)
You know, nifty and cool ones like Goggles, a pretty cool app! 

#2 Posted by gmaster456 (7561 posts) -
Wolfram Alpha Twitter Weatherbug Temple Run 2 for when I need to pass some time Netflix for when I don't have any other device on my and need to get an episode of Arrested Development in. My Banking App ASTRO File manager Flipboard Any.Do for task management Dolphin for when I need a secondary browser Everything else is either pre installed or I don't use much.
#3 Posted by matem8904 (45 posts) -
Evernote Fruit Ninja SoundHound Timesheet TinyShark Smart Voice Recorder
#4 Posted by flipin_jackass (9729 posts) -
Sans games: AirDroid Cool Reader Comixology Autodesk Sketchbook MX player IMDB Any.DO To-do List & Task Sky Map Yelp .... I`m pressed to think of a last one. lol
#5 Posted by userXDev (3 posts) -
astro asterism (game) note everything remember the milk splice (game) spy mouse (game) chu chu rocket (game) ted whatsapp wordpress
#6 Posted by imprezawrx500 (19187 posts) -
Things you should get, MX Player, Dolphin Browser, astro or es file explorer, some unit converter, swiss army knife is super useful, sms popup, notification toggle, apw widgets, fancy widgets, your mobile carrier might have a useful app, your bank might have a nice app, then there are games, if you like 3d console type games ea and gameloft have some awesome ones, nova, shadowgun and mass effect are awesome. I don't do simple games like angry birds but you may like them.
#7 Posted by ttomm1946 (1871 posts) -

GrooveIP for free phone calls:D

#8 Posted by johnanadroid (7 posts) -
Drag Racing Avast Antivirus Pro Ram Booster Pro Rom Manager Root Explorer Poweramp Full
#9 Posted by kraken2109 (13209 posts) -

Can't be bothered to make a thread, but those looking for android games should check out the latest humble bundle.

#11 Posted by soul_motor (2344 posts) -
Podkicker (Get the paid version, worth it) GasBuddy Goggles Royal Revolt Songza Key Ring Grocery IQ Ringtone Slicer Google Sky Map Geocaching
#12 Posted by helwa1988 (2118 posts) -
Plants vs zombies Camscanner ( this app is a life saver at work) Amazon kindle (gotta read'em all) Brightest flashlight Currency converter Sky burger Funny pics Ad away(only for rooted phones) Subway surfer People of walmart
#13 Posted by 7upCoolSpot (7 posts) -
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Temple Run 2, SuperGnes (Snes Emulator), Heroes of Destiny, Into the dead, Beaver Karts, and Jetpack Joyride.
#14 Posted by TutsMyBaree (2 posts) -
Mine would be Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, foursquare, Youtube, Kakaotalk Temple Run II, Beaver Karts, and Subway Surfers.
#15 Posted by SoshiForever (13 posts) -
Mine would be Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Girls' Generation Shake, Soshi House, Beaver Karts, Into the dead, Plague Inc and Dead Trigger.
#16 Posted by annaharris (6 posts) -
My top priority android apps are IMDB, Temple Run 2, Ebay, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Evernote.
#17 Posted by devonlook (4 posts) -
Zombie Highway, Aces of the Luftwaffe, Anger of Stick 3, Dungeon Hunter 4, Temple Run 2, Angry Birds, Magic Fluids, Facebook, Instagram, and EPOCH.
#18 Posted by droid40 (4 posts) -
Dead City, Chip Chain, Ecto Harvest, Ared 2D, Bump, Blendoku, Facebook, Instagram, Into the Dead, and Jetpack Joyride.
#19 Posted by tricepreston (1 posts) -
I have... Temple Run 2 Weatherbug Fruit Ninja whatsapp 4 pics 1 word Plants vs zombies twitter facebook youtube evernote
#20 Posted by Reanemeiko (53 posts) -
Facebook Instagram IMDB Instaweather Instacollage Kakaotalk Skype link2sd Rocketplayer  Play with us : Steam: Facebook:
#21 Posted by guynamedbilly (12967 posts) -

Tasks - A simple task scheduler that ties in with google tasks and google calendar.

KeePassDroid - A password organizer that works with password files created on PC with KeePass

ES File Explorer - Best folder browser that I've tried

Screen Filter - Because sometimes the screen brightness just doesn't go low enough by default

Moon+ Reader - A lot better looking than the other ebook readers I've tried.

Feedly - Read stories from websites all across the internet in one convenient place

Pocket - Save stories from Feedly or website pages to read offline whenever you want

Dolphin Jetpack - This is part of the Dolphin internet browser and runs much faster than Chrome on my Nexus 7

Tango - A video chat application. Probably not as useful as the others I've listed because both people have to be using Tango and Google Plus chat has gotten much better. Still, Tango offers an easy address book of your contacts to video chat with and the quality seemed better when I compared about 6 months ago.

Komik - A snappy digital comic library with a great interface and is easy to use. Best one I've tried and it's free.

That was ten apps. Didn't include any games because there's tons of recommendations on that. Let's see if Gamespot maintains my formatting...

#23 Posted by EliteM0nk3y (3382 posts) -

ES File Explorer -  browse files on your device

Facebook/Twitter/Linkdin - for your social networking needs

Rayman Jungle Run, Solitaire, Riptide GT - all are great games and time wasters

VLC - plays almost any audio/video format, all for free

Widget Locker -  allows you to customize the lock screen

#24 Posted by annahid (8 posts) -
I like "Explorer" from Speed Software. It is the best file explorer software I've ever seen. It has all the controls I need and it goes everywhere on your phone, not just the sdcard. I've had it for almost as long as I've had my phone.
#25 Posted by PumpkinBoogie (3366 posts) -



RealCal Plus

ADWLauncher EX

Bank of America

Feedly (replaces Google Reader)

RoByte--Remote for Roku (can't tell you how many times that's saved, when I can't find that little ass Roku remote, lol)



Package Buddy (buy a lot online so it's awesome to have an app this good that tracks pretty much anything I order)


Honorable mentions:

Adobe Flash



Engadget Distro


Firefox or Opera (as they're still some of the few browser that allow Flash play past Android 4.0+)

Dolphin Browser

Most Google sevices like: Gmail, Youtube, and Chrome (which are a given since they're mostly already pre-installed on most Android devices)

#26 Posted by jane25 (9 posts) -
Hi guys, 1. Facebook 2. Tube mate 3. Mx player 4. Axis bank 5. Gallery lock 6. Temple run-2 7. Subway surfer 8. Fnd call details 9. Music volume equalizer's
#27 Posted by urstrinath (3 posts) -
Thanks for the information i am starting adding all this apps
#28 Posted by martin22222 (1 posts) -
I download all this apps with Dragon city is amazing and consumes a lot of time :)
#29 Posted by atobe29 (35 posts) -
Pinterest whatsapp Temple Run 2 Facebook Instagram Skype Twitter 4 pics 1 word Heroes of Destiny Into the dead
#30 Posted by ObsidianTears (2 posts) -
My top ten: Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Go Launcher EX, OneNote Mobile, Camera 360, Pulse and Dropbox. None of them are games though. My favorite Android games currently are Candy Crush Saga, Jumbline 2, 3D Bowling (by Italy Games), Elements Battle and Panda Jam, in no particular order.
#31 Posted by Mentholum (47 posts) -
Ram Booster Pro Poweramp Full Path Tweetcaster seismic
#32 Posted by Davidwilliam06 (156 posts) -
I would have to mention apps I use the most and these are: 1) Ninja Barbecue Party, do check it out; 2) Facebook 3) Tiny Monsters 4) Jurassic Park Builder 5) Twitter 6) iXpenseIt 7) iFitness 8) WatsApp 9) Instagram and 10) Pinterest All these apps can obviously be downloaded from the Android market and also from various other platforms out there.
#33 Posted by Barnstable (12 posts) -

Waze, ES File Explorer. Daughter likes Temple Run, Fruit Ninja. I like thinking games like Riddle Unriddle, Logos Quiz, and Figure O'Speech.

#34 Posted by 123CABOOSE123 (29 posts) -

I'm not sure if these are on your phone but...

1.Clash Of Clans

2.Tiny Village

3.Angry Birds

4.Zombie Highway

5.Highway Rider

6.Logo's Quiz

7.Candy Crush (If you're desperate)

8. Doodle God

9.Doodle Devil

10.Little Alchemist

Your welcome

#35 Edited by mayer_luck45 (8 posts) -

1. Facebook - Social Media

2. Twitter - Social Media

3. Wechat - For communication

4. Kakao - For communication

5. Nike Workout - Everyday workout

6. Cooking Chef - Cooking meals

7. FHM - Checking the latest trends in gadgets and happenings around the metro. Of course, girls.

8. Chat Roullette - Chat

9. Instagram - Vain posts by my girlfriend

10. Linezeta - Overall gaming experience. This baby is all I need for playing.

Linezeta is the only game I play in my Android. The rest all for my daily activities :)

#36 Posted by Deltaphonic (3 posts) -

Appy Gamer is the best app for keeping update with all the latest gaming news

#37 Posted by MRamzyP (9 posts) -

These apps aren't bad :

- Aralon Sword And Shadow (Games) (not free)

- Subway Surfer (Games

- Uber Social *For facebook and twitter (Soc. Med)

- Clash Of Clans (Games)

- Head Soccer *Ridicoulous but addicting (Games)

- Icon Pop Quiz (Games)

- Dungeon Hunter 4 (Games)

- Minecraft (Games)

- Spy Mouse (Games)

- Top Eleven *Online football managing games (Games)