You have a HD phone? So how do you or where to, Stream HD material?

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#1 Posted by g0ddyX (3905 posts) -

Youtube is not full HD nor do I know where I can watch HD material.

This applies to Windows 8 Phones and even IOS.

All those fancy adverts with sharp videos playing... is it all just a gimmick or do you have to fork out money to watch HD videos?

Will be grateful if someone gave a few tips. Thanks.

#2 Posted by Fightingfan (38011 posts) -
Youtube does HD.
#3 Posted by kraken2109 (13005 posts) -

The camera?

#4 Posted by spacedog1973 (1134 posts) -
Put HD movies on the memory card
#5 Posted by imprezawrx500 (19187 posts) -
You can always force the desktop site in the web browser if a site wont play hd video.
#6 Posted by SPBoss (3630 posts) -
the youtube app isn't full hd but browse in desktop mode and you can then use 1080p :) or find a modified youtube app like I have where i can watch 720p videos
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Amazon video looks stellar on my note 2