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Actually not a spambot, this is a real thread--


You'll need a mac or an iDevice with iOS 4.2 or later. I'll update this thread with results, but will be focused on the event for the duration (2hr).

Interesting fun fact -- Apple has not announced the names of a large swath of sessions at this year's conference, which is somewhat unusual (and there are a number of hidden banners -- also unusual). It could be a very interesting WWDC. It is the 25th anniversary.

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The only thing I found interesting was Metal, but we'll have to see some real world applications (not just tech demos).

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Metal was a surprise, and a very welcome one, at that.

The star of the show for me was all the OSX+iOS integration and how both operating systems are acting more and more alike. Your mac is a cell phone now (vicariously through your actual cellphone somewhere else). I think that's really handy and kind of a no-brainer. I also liked handoff, that's really savvy stuff. I think the new aesthetic for OSX is also beautiful. Spotlight search was my favorite part, though, because it does what Sherlock attempted in the past, and that is to erase the middle man. Spotlight is to Halo as Sherlock is to Marathon (<-- That's a very nerdy reference).

iOS is rarely the star of the show at WWDC, that's typically an early fall sort of thing. We saw very little of HealthKit, and I expect that to be fleshed out more later in the year, same with new mobile payment options tied to Touch ID and a new iPhone.

Swift was a very unexpected bombshell announcement, too. That crowd went nuts when Swift was announced.

It was a pretty big conference, but only to those invested in Apple's ecosystem -- which makes sense -- because it's WWDC.

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I'm not sure how welcome Metal really is. I understand the benefits of moving towards lower level API's, the trend real, but do we really need another one? Especially one that will fragment iOS from the rest of the market.

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@NVIDIATI: One fellow in particular (at Unity) is excited about Metal. Peruse their forums. I know that you can use cross platform tools to access Apple's new graphic APIs.

I think it's really excellent news for OSX/iOS users.