Wizards The Magical Concert Contest: Gift Card give away !!!

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Wizards TMC Contest Time !!!!!!

Hey all you Wizards,Sorceress,Witches,BroomRiders,Cats and enchanted Frogs,and of course all you Humbolds and Magic Firework Lovers !

We are Proud to announce our first Contest today..100% BM

The Wizards Perfect Stage Challenge !!!!

Contest Goal is to Master

Stage 0

Stage 1


Stage 3

with no single Miss,Poor or Good !

Get a PERFECT Stage Catboard Score Result in all these 3 stages in a row.

This means No GAME OVER Screen !

You can:

- Record it as a video,send to us,share it here or put it on youtube. (hope its

not against board rules)

- or take screenshots from the Catboard Score result and post here as well.

(please do not cheat,play the Stages in a row be hardcore,be a Wizard

you can do it :)

example screenshots:

There are a couple of free iphone screen recorders out there,in case you guys need help just PM me,or post here in the thread !

What can you Win ?

We give away 1 $25 apple gift cards as a reward to the best Wizards..eh Players !

Contest ends Thursday the 13th February.

We prefer videos if possible,but anybody can participate.

Winners will be chosen by Contest end and announced here !

Any questions then please post a comment or PM me.

Do you have it in you ?

Main Wizards Thread here:


Good luck !!!


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