Why the advertisements here?

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#1 Posted by tjoeb123 (6843 posts) -
Is it me, or have people been posting advertisements like there's no tomorrow in this forum? It's really, really annoying, and I have to go and report like 3-5 of them at a time. Not directly related to iOS, I know, but why do this?
#2 Posted by MethodManFTW (25656 posts) -
I dunno, but pretty much all the posts here are advertisements.. Even my post about Ghost Trick was pretty much an ad.. I don't have any affiliation with Capcom, just love the games.. So I made a thread when Ghost Trick came out to let people know. The app store is full of so much junk, you gotta let people know when good stuff is there.. But yeah, I do see a lot of devs/publishers/whatever making posts about their own games.
#3 Posted by ryanweinmann (799 posts) -

I know what you mean. Every website you go to, as advertisement. The worst would be...... YOUTUBE!!!! I know this irrelevent but I heard a story which they going start putting advertisements on school buses, and inside the buses. lol

#4 Posted by tomarlyn (20145 posts) -
I'm gonna stop coming here because its becomming a joke