Who wants a much bigger screen on future iPhones?

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I love my phone but can barely stand its tiny screen anymore. I have a 4S but my friend has a 5 and the size increase is barely noticeable or useful. Everytime I see an Android I get jealous. Do you guys want one or think a significant change is on the table? It's the one thing I can't much abide anymore. The Galaxy fits in my pocket fine even with its screen, which is a whopping 43% bigger. C'mon Apple. I'm tempted to change but love my phone too much, except for this problem. They need to increase the screen size ASAP.

Agree, disagree?
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I agree. Apple needs to step their game up. But they won't for a long time probably to cut back on costs even if its miniscule Apple is all about profit. Personally not a fan of iOS and I'm using an HTC One right now. It's a fantastic phone... 

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Not me to be honest. I've been around with different Android Phones, first I had a 4.3" which to be honest was the most manageable but I don't think it'll be a huge improvement over the 4" of the Iphone 5S. Then I tried a much bigger display (5.7") Phablet, and that was much too big for me to use. And finally I used a Nexus 4, 4.7" That was a nice display but personally I also found it too big, I couldn't touch all the corners easily in one hand and it often required two hands for tasks. I've been using the 4" of my Lumia 520 and I plan to switch back to an Iphone soon. I hope Apple stays where they are now or atleast offers a big and small screen model because I think 4" is definitely the best spot.

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I was honestly fine with 3.5", 4" is alright for now.
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They need multiple models with multiple screen sizes if they want to compete better with android

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@kraken2109: Apple isn't competing with android, they're competing with Samsung, the only other company really making any money in the mobile space.

Apple doesn't need help competing by saturating the market, but rumors are swirling about larger iPhones. I don't mind the idea of a bigger screen so long as I can still do everything easily with one hand.

If they make a phone the size of an iPhone 5s but remove all bezel, you would have a pretty attractive option. There have also been rumors of such a device coming from Cupertino.

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I used to have a palm pre with a screen size of 3.1" and I thought I was fine with that. Now I upgraded to a S3 with a screen size of 4.8". There's no way I can go back to a small screen now. It's too nice. I would use my friends Iphone 4s once in a while and it seems so tiny. Because it is only 3.5". Iphone 5's 4" screen seems to be the perfect minimal screen size because the device doesn't have to be too big. You can do a lot of tasks one handed. Using an S3, I know I always have to use two hands to reach everywhere on the screen or I risk dropping it. I would love for a 4.5" screen for my eyes and tiny hands.

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The problem with large screens is lower battery life, and a lack of ergonomics.

I think the most Apple could increase their size while still maintaining their "easy of use in the hand" thing they have going on is maybe about the size of the Nexus 4.

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@musicalmac: Either way they're trying to compete with a platform that offers choice. iPhones would be a lot more attractive to many people if they offered at least 2 different sizes.

IMO android has gone the other way though, with all top end phones being too big now.

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Honestly, as someone who has owned every iPhone including the 5s right now. I DONT want a bigger screen size over 4.3 inches. I've owned the GS3, GS4 and Note 2 and I hated the size

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I don't understand why people want a bigger screen on the iphone, its an iphone not an android i like it the way it is

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I think maybe in the future ,Apple will issue big screen phone ,this is the trend of the mobile market.