When is the Ipad 3 being released in canada?

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TOPIC, thanks for your responses. Just bought a ipad 2 and am trying to decide if I should return it and wait for number 3. Your oppinions are apprciated

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Same time as it's released in the US - probably in a month or so. If you just bought an iPad 2 I would definitely return it. Even if the iPad 3 rumours aren't entirely true you'll at least be able to pick up an iPad 2 for cheaper.
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if ur not in line on day one, then u will need to wait atleast ANOTHER month after this unkown release date until stock arrives back on shelves. this is how its happened last two times here in australia ( i work in retail). If u want to feel less buyers remorse, take it back and get an ASUS transformer prime, it's actualy useful. Keyboard dock included, USB and SD card reader built into the dock.

until apple actually says ANYTHING (which they havent), we will NOT know what the differences/prices/release date will be.