Whats the point of having an iPhone and iPad?

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Just wondering whats the point since they do the same thing?

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Don't underestimate that 9.7 inch screen compared to that of the 3.5 inch iPhone. Many apps will also stick save data in the cloud, so you can play a game, edit a document, or work on a project on one and it'll automatically update on the other. Keeping it in the iOS family is the best policy.

Quite honestly, it's the best phone/tablet combo available right now, to the point that it's the only reasonable option to those with the budget to support it.
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I guess I could mount my portable TV on the wall and use it for home movies too, but I prefer a bigger screen for that purpose. Thankfully there's a range of products to suit each of my needs!
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You get to play games only available for the iPhone or iPad.. games like WeDoodle, Jetpack Joyride, and Ricky Carmichael's Motocross Matchup Pro.

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There are apps exclusively for iPhone (some iPhone apps won't run in an iPod Touch at all, like Whatsapp) and others exclusively for iPad.

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I have the cheapest pre-pay Android phone money can buy and an iPad 2, they're used for very different purposes and I'm sure its the same for iPhone/iPad users. I'd love an iPhone instead of my Android but I don't need to be tied to a contract and it would be a hella expensive investment altogether.
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Just wondering whats the point since they do the same thing?


well they dont do the same thing.

one makes phone calls over the phone network, the other is for wasting time :D

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An ipad has a lot more room to smear greasy fingerprints and boogers on.
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iPhone 4S: always handy, hold documents, Camera that matches many point and shoots in quality, play games, Music, Movies, scedule and make calls or texts over a cellular network. Impractical for actualy creating the documents, watching the movies, browsing the web and smaller screen altogether. iPad 2: Something that is specificly carried, hold and type documents, play games on larger screen (some games cross play, or use the iPhone as a controller), plays music, movies, photos, Best for playing movies, browsing the web and viewing photos, impractical for playing music, very expensive. Benifits of both: Music, Documents, Notes, Calenders and save data for many apps is synced across both devices, so the information I need is always at my fingertips. I may make a note for a project on my phone and have it in front of me when I open my iPad at home. I may be on the iMac and it will alert me about an apointment in an hour that I booked with my iPad. I can take a picture on my Phone and have it on my iPad to show it off. it all simply works together I own and use both every day, this is coming from experience. Sure i've used my iPad for different things, and its seen less screentime but the two devices are very handy and work together very well.