What is your favorite I device?

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#1 Posted by eagle63 (534 posts) -
For me it's the iPod touch 5th gen. I wanted something without a contract that would fit into my pocket . And The ipt fit the bill perfectly.internet access isent a problem for me because pretty much everywhere I go wifi is available.i put google voice and talkatone on it so basicly I have a free contractless phone. So what is your favorite and why?
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ok...that was...very informative..i guess.
#4 Posted by JasonDarksavior (9323 posts) -
iPhone 5, love it. Can't imagine going back to the 4S, so much heavier and the screen size.
#9 Posted by buishia (2 posts) -
I'm still using my 3rd gen itouch. I guess my favorite will be PS4 if I have money for it ^-^
#11 Posted by XiggyTheBeast (85 posts) -

iPhone. it does everything.

#12 Posted by darksongbird (1235 posts) -

Ipod Touch gen. 5 too. It's so much faster than the older models and you can take decent pictures finally!

#13 Posted by Noteldnep (20167 posts) -
Since iPad is the only one of those I have, I'll say that for now.
#14 Posted by darkspineslayer (20025 posts) -
Between my iPhone and iPad, my 4S is so much more useful. iPad is great for Internet browsing and some games while at home, but my phone does the job too, and I can use it while I'm out.
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I think my iphone 4 is the best i device.