What are your best and worst mobile games this year.

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I wanted to know some of your best and worst mobile games because I'm looking for some good mobile games to download and I wanted to know which bad ones are a waste of money.

The best I played so far is Asphalt 8.

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One of the best that I have just started to play recently is Toki's Magic Wand its a fun and challenging puzzle game that kills those boring moments during the day.

One of the worst: Final Fantasy All the Bravest, i had to pay for all the characters and really could do much without more characters.

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the best I've played is MotoHeroz but for some reason it deleted all my progress a few days ago even though I was close to 100 percent

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Monument Valley is the best that I have played

And the worst: Casino Vegas

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Best: Wayward Souls, Monument Valley, Banshee’s Last Cry and Hitman GO

the worst? Dungeon Keeper

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Best: Ridiculous Fishing, Flappy Golf, Chain Chronicle & Furball Rampage

Worst: Heroes of Dragon Age

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Best: Clash of Clans

Worst: None, haven't really gotten into any other game than clash of clans so far this year

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From my point of view Need For Speed is the best game of this year and candy crush saga is the worst one.

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Any of the Final Fantasy games, or Chrono Trigger.

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Best: Clash of Clans
Worst: None

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Hi there! This is a very good question indeed and before I start naming games, I need to say that I personally did not get into any game which I can qualify as ‘worst’ till date. However, I have a passion for Numbs; https://itunes.apple.com/app/id674456722 and I have been playing it on iPhone 5. The app can also be seen on the play.google.com store if I am not wrong, do check it out! However, when it comes to bad games, I guess Assassin’s Creed Memories for iOS; http://blog.ubi.com/assassin-creed-memoris-announced/ might well be a flop, from what I have heard!

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Nice question! Well there are having many best android game of this year are Customization Trailer, Tribute Trailor, 6 Great Superman moments. Most of the time games were not worst but sometimes they was worst due to their irritating features and clicking functionality, not interesting in playing etc.. These worst games are SpookeyMelon, Firefly Runner, Jungle Rumble, Hooligans etc.

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Having ChuChu rocket on my smartphone is freaking amazing.

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hm the worst ive played this year has to be Swing Copters. I cant even get one :(. The best ive played has to be either Clash Of Clans or a really surprising indie game called LErP.