What are your best and worst mobile games this year.

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I wanted to know some of your best and worst mobile games because I'm looking for some good mobile games to download and I wanted to know which bad ones are a waste of money.

The best I played so far is Asphalt 8.

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One of the best that I have just started to play recently is Toki's Magic Wand its a fun and challenging puzzle game that kills those boring moments during the day.

One of the worst: Final Fantasy All the Bravest, i had to pay for all the characters and really could do much without more characters.

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the best I've played is MotoHeroz but for some reason it deleted all my progress a few days ago even though I was close to 100 percent

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Monument Valley is the best that I have played

And the worst: Casino Vegas

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Best: Wayward Souls, Monument Valley, Banshee’s Last Cry and Hitman GO

the worst? Dungeon Keeper

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Best: Ridiculous Fishing, Flappy Golf, Chain Chronicle & Furball Rampage

Worst: Heroes of Dragon Age

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Best: Clash of Clans

Worst: None, haven't really gotten into any other game than clash of clans so far this year

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From my point of view Need For Speed is the best game of this year and candy crush saga is the worst one.

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Any of the Final Fantasy games, or Chrono Trigger.

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Best: Clash of Clans
Worst: None

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Hi there! This is a very good question indeed and before I start naming games, I need to say that I personally did not get into any game which I can qualify as ‘worst’ till date. However, I have a passion for Numbs; https://itunes.apple.com/app/id674456722 and I have been playing it on iPhone 5. The app can also be seen on the play.google.com store if I am not wrong, do check it out! However, when it comes to bad games, I guess Assassin’s Creed Memories for iOS; http://blog.ubi.com/assassin-creed-memoris-announced/ might well be a flop, from what I have heard!