Very silly question about the iPad.

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#1 Posted by Heirren (17782 posts) -
My pc won't recognize the device. It doesn't just pop up like my iPod. Shouldn't adding music to this thing be really easy? This isn't a troll thread, either.
#2 Posted by i_noseworthy (1581 posts) -
Should show up just like your ipod... Try plugging it in with iTunes open. On the selection bar on the left, just above "Genius", it should allow you to select your ipad in the "Devices" tab...
#3 Posted by BeErBOnG29 (4387 posts) -
Hmmm... Possibly try restarting both the iPad and the PC. Try plugging it in with iTunes open. If you have a password, unlock it before you connect it to the PC.