Using the GPS in airplane mode

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I hope this isn't too irrelivant to this forum... I just have a quick question. I tried using GPS with airplane mode on once, and to my surprise it worked. Does this mean that the GPS doesn't use data in airplane mode? It's all very confusing, because with data on, I can clearly see that the GPS drains my data when I use it. So how does it work in airplane mode then?? (i.e. even in airplane mode, it knows my location and gives me directions) Note that I was not using WiFi when I did this.

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I can't speak to the specifics of your mobile OS/device, but I can provide some general information. The GPS capability itself is based on the device receiving and not sending a wireless signal (signals broadcast by GPS sats). The data connection is only used to pull map data over the internet, plus in the case of some apps items like traffic updates. That said, some GPS apps cache map data or allow you to cache map data. This is be design so you can use the UPS in areas where you may not have service (middle of nowhere) or where you would incur data roaming charges (other countries).