Upgrade - 3Gs or 4s?

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Would you say that it is worth it to spend the extra $200 for the 4s? I've been using a 'dumb' phone for the past contract and I'm ready to move to a smartphone and these are two of my three choices.

I know that the 4s offers some advantages like Siri, better performance, and a better camera. I plan on doing some light gaming on the phone, but I probably won't do anything like GTA or Infinity Blade - just small, quick games for me. Battery is important to me and so is speed. I don't think the memory difference will be huge for as the 3GS only has 8 gigs compared to the 4s' 16 gbs. I have an older iPod that I keep my music and videos on.

Anyone have any suggestions for my situation? I am on AT&T if that matters.

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Just go for the 4s, the 3gs is outdated now. The 4s is just generally better at everything, faster (less downtime) better camera, etc. It's worth the extra cash to future proof you for longer, yes there will be likely a new iphone out this year, but the 4s will still be a great phone for a few more years atleast.

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If you aren't gaming you won't notice a difference.

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iPhone 4S. Retina plus the dual core is really nice. 3GS is really slow now and many game apps really shows it's age.
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In the grand scheme of things, $200 won't mean much after 2 years of paying $80 (roughly) a month. Basically 3gs $1,920 total 4s $2,120 total Keep in mind you won't be getting anymore ios updates either (which means less app support ones iOS6 rolls out). You will also be getting significantly lower performance, even for light games, plus you lose all of the other features the 4s brings. You decide whether or not choosing a 3 year old phone is worth it.
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Just go 4S man. Your plans may change drastically once you get your hands on the phone. Mine certainly did.