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He guys i'm looking for new recruits for Age of Warring Empire. I've been a long time fan of MMOs and all sorts of games on PS3 and xbox 360. This is not a lame attempt from me to get gold coins for people to use my invitation code. Rather it is a serious effort to recruit new players into our alliance. Here is the face book of the game:


Every-week they have new hero drops and contest to keep things fresh. The amount of levels it takes to upgrade hero's and gems is staggering. I've got over 100 xbox games i haven't touched in over a month because of this game. The reason why is because after you get past being a noob the battles and tactics of war is really amazing. It really feels like when you lose something its a real lost, in part because it is.  It takes a considerable amount of time to build you army, customize the formations and develop war plans against your enemy. However, when you crush an enemy you came to despise the victory is oh so very sweet. And if you wanted go the extra mile, you can keep on attacking their resources and city and make it them work for weeks to rebuild. However, we usually will "kill" someone for a couple days to teach them a lesson and that usually works. There is also  alliance chat, private chat and world chat. Thus, you really get to know the players well. 


Our alliance is new but we are serous and dedicated. Here is our new website we got up: 


If you want to try it out please use my invitation code as it will give us a small reward. However, more importantly, you ll be placed on the server i play on so you join my alliance and ill help you with free resources and gameplay advice. My code is:




When you first login in to the game you must for through a basic tutorial mode. After that in the button right corner that looks like two gears placed together is setting then >invitation>Invited. In the box place my code. After that it will ask if you want to change servers click yes. I will get a notification you have used my code and i will contact you via mail to instruct you how to apply for my alliance. After you are in my alliance i will send you free resources to help you level all the things in your city and to build your army.


I am a well known and very powerful player there with a lot of friends so if someone attacks you there will be a war and we will whoop their for you. Thus, you ll have military as well as economic support from us to let you level without getting your city attacked and drained of resources. Also, we will make sure no one steals you wilds. Wilds means the places your army has captured to gather resources which are required to upgrade things in your city and build your army. I didn't have this kind of help when i first started and i'll make sure, as well as your alliances friends, you wont make common mistakes everyone does their first time playing with out help. 


Well i hope you check out the game and i'll meet you soon! Happy hunting. 

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This game is pretty awesome, but beware it is super addicting! By the way if you join add my invitation code 5829850497 under settings --> Invitation --> Invited and I am just trying to get gold coins. So, if you respect the honesty and give the game a shot hit me up.
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Pretty Good!
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hey Trinitarian, i play aowe non stop and like you made many mistakes at begining but was pretty quick to learn. lol. i am now a big hitter in aowe but took some time and money to get to where i am now... a vice leader in 2 alliances and also an alliance leader of another up and coming alliance. like you i also play literally non stop everyday for maybe 18/20 hrs evn on the move. i just cant put it down for long. what alliance are you in and also server??
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This game is undoubtedly an awesome title but I am for mobile games in the likes of Ninja Barbecue Party:D or a premium title like Infinity III Mobile games htttp:// are at their best these days and the gap between mobile and console is slowly but surely closing up.;)

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Very cool game !