Transform your mobile phone into a portable console!

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Hi Gamers!!

We are developing, a gamepad which is adaptable to any Android phone. It makes easier to play with your device.

It´s only 8mm thick, that´s the difference with other gamepads. You can take it wherever you go and play with when you want.

It supports emulators, as well as many Android games.

Aphalt 8, Zenonia, Illusia, Sonic, Vector, 300,... these are only a few games of the list.

You can also play multimedia files (Play, Pause, ...) and use it as a remote control to take pictures with your Android!

This video introduces Game Cover:

This one is the working prototype:

What do you think about it?

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Isn't there already plenty of products similar to this already on the market.

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@thehig1 said:

Isn't there already plenty of products similar to this already on the market.

Yup,that's the point

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Thanks for your reply!

It´s true, currently there are many other gamepads in the market (I have two different), but i can´t carry it all day. Here is the thing, because we have developed something different.

Game Cover is only 8mm thick. It's comfortable to have in your pocket, and you can use it wherever you go.

With Game Cover you can play always Android games with physical buttons.

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Hi! Nice post, but I guess it’s a fact that many of these controllers came out to be slightly bulky, which sort of spoils the very concept of mobile gaming!! It’s good that Android devices are having their share, as if I am not wrong a majority of existing game controllers were for iOS phones. I am definitely not for a bigger phone for better gaming!

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Hi people!!

We have made a new video with a short gameplay to see how Gamecover works.

The game is "Reaper" a cool platform game!

What do you think?

Game Cover soon in Indiegogo!