Texting friends internationally on LINE or WhatsApp?

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I have a unlimited texting & unlimited calling plan with AT&T (in US) for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and I know I'd get charged for texting my friends internationally (text or call an international number), which is dumb as hell. The thing is: I have a friend that lives in Thailand and also another friend that lives in Malaysia (both are International countries) and I was wondering: is it free to text my International friends on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or even LINE on my Note 3? Even with 4G LTE? I don't have Internet at my place at the moment (not until Sunday) so I have to rely on 4G LTE to talk to my international or US friends on Facebook Messenger or LINE (or WhatsApp) with 4G LTE for a few days. So I hope, hope, hope I don't get charged for texting my friend through an app on 4G LTE (that would be nonsense!).

Edit: I also only have 15 gigs of data to use through cellular (4G LTE), which is a lot for me, since I don't use much of it (at least until my Internet comes here Sunday).

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Yep it doesnt count as text, it counts as data transmitted so you will be safe.

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I've been talking to my international friends (Thailand and Malaysia) on the free "LINE" app on 4G LTE (cellular network) throughout the month, so that means AT&T won't charge me for it? I'm still new to this so.

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@misterlightyfan: They should not charge you, and if they do i would have words with them if i were you, data is data. its not an international sms using their mobile messaging network. Data is free for international use (as long as you are in your data allowance).

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@mystic_knight: So, in other words, if I use an texting application - such as Facebook Messenger and LINE (that I could verify my phone number with) - it only collects data from me? I noticed that all those apps, including some game apps, only take a few megabytes out of my data. Although I heard WhatsApp could take 2 gigs if you receive tons of pictures, videos, message mail, etc etc.. which isn't bad considering I have 15 gigs of data to use, which is a lot of data for me to use. So, I'm basically fine? It only affects me if I text or call an international number without a texting app? If so, this shouldn't affect me, I don't think.

I'm understanding it a bit better now, thankfully.

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I know that at least Whatsapp is free of charge for international texting; did it all the time texting to my fiancé when I was in Portugal and she was in the Netherlands, now we're both in NL and I whatsapp with my family in Portugal all the time.

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@misterlightyfan: Yep exactly unless your data goes through your default messaging program and voice calls go through your dialer you wont be charged an international call or text.

viber uses your data to make phone calls so you essentially have free phone calls too using that.