Switched from Android to iPhone, tips needed!

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Hey guys, recently sold my S4 in preparation for the iPhone 6 that's due in a month or so.

I've had several Android handsets for half a decade now, but as the years went by I've sort of noticed that the features that landed on Android devices usually were done much better on iPhones. I've been mainly wanting a fingerprint sensor on my phone, and none of the Android devices equipped with it seem to be as slick and problem free as the Touch ID thing. And of course, the whole app thing and how people with iPhones seem to have more options in terms of inter-operability and user-connectivity. When I heard the next iPhone would feature a bigger display, I figured it was time to make the switch and join the bandwagon.

Any tips on what accessories, cases or apps I should make a priority in getting? How hard is it to move my music onto an iPhone? I have iTunes but I also have a huge library of MP3's I've downloaded over the past decade.

Also would appreciate any information or links pointing to articles about iPhone/iOS hardware and/or software. I'm interested in researching how the hardware and operating system differs from the ones I've been using.

Is the whole open-source/closed-source thing a big deal? I never really saw the need to have my devices hacked, so I never really understood the advantages and disadvantages between the two. I've also noticed that iOS has a crap ton of stellar apps, and even more games that I couldn't find for Android, and I'd like to understand if being "closed" or "open" has anything to do with that. Thanks in advance