Suggestions for hidden gems in the Google Play store

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I just got my Nexus 5 today and am looking into some games to put on it. Does anyone have a hidden gem I might have not tried yet? I don't really care about the genre or even really price, though as always, free is better :P

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If you like music, im a big fan of Rayark games. These games are free and great.

Check out Cytus and Deemo, (i personally like Cytus much much more) (gave cytus 5/5 stars)

FPS - Dead trigger 2 (gave it 4 stars)

TPS - frontline commando 2

Racing - Asphalt 8 (gave it 5/5 stars)

if you like endless runners, have a look at wind runner thats my personal fav, but the common fave seems to be Jetpack Joyride.

If you are lucky Driver by sega should still be free

I love my JRPG's and Alphadia Genesis is out but that will cost you $5 [on sale at 50% off])

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Oh and there is a new and extremely addictive game called Threes! and thats on sale now for about $1.50 its probably one of the best games ive played in recent times.

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@mystic_knight: Hadn't heard of Threes! yet. Looks like something you can get hooked on =)

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Try my new free android game "Crazy Toucan"

You can find it here:

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Welcome to the world of King Kluck, where "food fight" takes on a totally different meaning!

Charismatic characters will entertain and excite gamers. The gameplay consists of crazy twists and amusing power-ups, leaving you hungry for more!

Travel across the world, from New York to India, in this addictive, vibrant game!

Play against ten computer characters in an attempt to collect the mystical orbs that can help you on your mission of defeating the tyrant, King Kluck!

Collect as much food as you can and get your nom on!

We are taking any suggestions! We will be updating the game constantly and making it a better gaming experience for you!

Caution: Don't play on an empty stomach.

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game dev story, caffetaria nipponica, world cruise story and all kairosoft games

super hexagon

roads of king

the room

jetpack joyride

further beyond fighting

tilt to live



beat blast

shoggoth rising



pirate dawn

one touch drawing

i could go on and on about this, most of them are paid games.

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What are some of your favorite games on other platforms?