Stress Ninja brings fun Ragdoll beatup gameplay to Android! *Indie Developer*

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Hello everyone I am an indie developer and we have recently released one of our apps onto the android store. It is called Stress Ninja and its essentially a rag doll beatup game that offers various weapons to inflict pain. We have many updates coming that will add in very fun features. So check out the general description and watch our trailer below and leave any comments and questions in the posts below! Thank you! General description- Taking your stress out on a rag doll Ninja can be an exhausting and tiring task. But we have created a fun and simple way to do it! Use sports equipment, balloons, grenades, balls, vortices, and much more to relieve as much stress as possible! So what are you waiting for go ahead and do your best! Features- - Five pages of items with more coming. - Complete control over gravity. - Blood (can be turned off). - Multiple backgrounds. - Change the color of the ninja. - Awesome ragdoll physics that can be blown into pieces. - Entertaining mini-game. - More content and updates on the way! Download Link: video link: