Star Wars: Tiny Death Star - Best Idea Ever?

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#1 Posted by Sefrix (914 posts) -

So Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is out and brought to us by the people behind Tiny Towers and it's amazing. Honestly I'd play this game for the art alone. How can you pass up pixelated Star Wars?

So, am I alone in this or does anyone else think it's a fantastic idea?

#2 Posted by spike6958 (4878 posts) -

I downloaded it on my iPhone last night, and spent all day in work playing it. It's so addictive and fun, I've not had an IOS game capture my attention before the way this had.

#3 Posted by Sefrix (914 posts) -

The music is what gets me. Did you ever play Tiny Tower? Not only is this an upgraded version (there are more things to do such as the imperial levels and Emperor missions. Glad I'm not the only one!