Siri equivalent for GS2

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#1 Posted by Daanyal (773 posts) -
Hi, Is there a change to the settings of the S2 so that an app (recommendations needed) like Siri will launch with a double tap of the home button? Vlingo needles you to tap to speak and that's not exactly as seamless as Siri, where you can just speak without having to tap anything (besides the home button) Thanks
#2 Posted by GTR12 (9175 posts) -

Iris or Vlingo, just root your phone.

#3 Posted by Adam_the_Nerd (4403 posts) -
Try Skyvi. I just downloaded it and I"m still tinkering with it. It's free and currently exploding on the market.
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Long press the search key(or hold the home button in if it's an international variant.) Google's built in voice commands can do just about everything Siri can.