should I buy nexus 7 or samsung note 2?

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I want to mainly use the device to surf the web and watch videos, so the Nexus 7 seems to make more sense to me, but the Note 2 seems to have more features, plus it will be easier to carry around the note 2 than the nexus. If I buy nexus 7 I'll pay around $360-400 for the tablet and subscribe to a 3g plan for about $20, and if I buy Note 2, I will be paying a $200 deposit, $200 for the phone and a $50 monthly contract for 2 years(both for data and call) which should I get
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How can you be comparing a tablet and a phone?

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How can you be comparing a tablet and a phone?

I'm not sure if I should get a big smartphone, or just get a tablet.
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Well it depends. If you like your current phone you'd be better off with the tablet.

If you want a new phone, or just one device, the note is the better option.

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At this point I'd wait for the next Nexus tablet to come out.

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I have a Note 2, and I love it. Much more useful since you can make phone calls with it. Yeah, it's got a smaller screen compared to a full size tablet, but it's bigger compared to the devices I've used in the past. Bigger screen+phone calls=win:) That's my opinion of course.
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Get a note 8.0, you can make calls with it too. :cool:

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I would get the Nexus 7 and keep the phone you have.

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samsung galaxy mega :P
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If I were you, I will choose Note 2.
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I've read the new nexus 7 model will come out in July. Might as well wait if you aren't in a rush.

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If I were you, I will choose Note 2.Tinywinnie
MTE. Note 2 is amazing.
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samsung galaxy mega :Pmystic_knight
if only samsung priced it at $450 that would be spot on instead the ridiculously high $600