Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Core [56k]

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Finally we have information on Samsung's Exynos 5



ARM Cortex-A15 - 1.7Ghz (Dual Core)
ARM Mali-T604
LPDDR3 RAM (up to 800Mhz)

Support for:

OpenGL ES 3.0
OpenCL 1.1
DirectX 11
USB 3.0
Decode 1080p @ 60fps
2560x1600 resolution


more information in the link/PDF:

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Wow, phones are now faster than netbooks.

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Bu bu it is not teh quad core. :cry:

/ noobs.


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If I had to guess, the quad core version might end up being paired with the Mali-T658.

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Wow, phones are now faster than netbooks.

To be fair, Netbooks weren't all that impressive to begin with. Though I agree they are starting to pack on the power.